Seattle Children’s Theater

Last week a good friend called with a fun proposal; she had tickets to see Wizard of Oz, performed at the Seattle Children’s Theater, but wasn’t going to be able to attend the show. She wondered if we would like to use her tickets.

Wow! What a generous offer. I was delighted to have the opportunity and promised to call her back right away. There were six tickets available. Tim was busy on Saturday and didn’t have time to spend several hours at the theater. Rachel had plans to go to Olympia with some friends. Joshua said, “no thank you,” before I even explained the offer. Hmmm. Life becomes a bit complicated as the children get older.

sarah, rachel and jenny

Rachel and her “sisters by another mother.”

I called one friend to see if she was interested in joining me at the show. She had already seen it.

“It’s wonderful! You’ll love it,” she enthused.

Nice to have an endorsement, but I still needed a decision/plan for the day. I figured I had three options:

1) Head to Seattle with the kids by myself (no other adult)
2) Forget the whole thing and give the tickets to someone else
3) Find another friend to join us

As it turns out my sweet friend, Julee, was thrilled to have the opportunity to go to the theater. She decided to bring her two daughters which left me with two tickets for my crew. I thought David (7) and Sarah (6) would probably enjoy the show the most. Joshua seemed a bit too old, Rachel was busy ice skating, and Daniel was eager to join the girls at the rink.

It was a wonderful, fantastic show! David and Sarah dressed up, of course. Sarah can never resist a chance to don her finery. We drove up to Seattle with Julee and her girls. Our seats were perfect – nice and close with a great view. The production was amazing! Julee and I were both very impressed with the way the theater handled the magic/mystical parts of the story. The songs were fun and the kids watched with wonder.

sarah my pretty

During intermission David said, “This is WAY better than I thought it was going to be.”

You have to wonder what exactly he thought it would be like seeing as 1) he’s never seen the movie or live version or 2) been to the theater before.

Ah, who knows what preconceived notions lies wrapped up in the children’s minds.

I’m so sorry Pam and her family weren’t able to take advantage of this delightful performance, but I’m very thankful she thought of me and gave us the opportunity for a very special Saturday adventure. Thank you, Pam!!

a day at the theater

My camera died right as we got to the theater, but I did manage a picture or two first.

After this experience, I can see I really must make the children’s theater a priority in our plans next year. I can’t wait to see what they have lined up for next season.

Coming up – my new Bosch, Nutrimill and recipes!

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6 thoughts on “Seattle Children’s Theater”

  1. sounds like a good outing was had by all. yes, what was david’s preconcieved notion? love sarah’s outfit–so glam. i have a friend who sings with the symphony at the opera house(?) every year and gets all spiffied up. i bet sara would love that too.

    are you guys drying off?

  2. Actually, I think David was with us when my folks treated us to The Secret Garden several years ago, but I doubt he remembers.

    Thanks for taking the kids to see the show, Kathy! What a great treat for them (and, it sounded like, for you!).

  3. For the record, that picture in front of the theater was not entirely accurate. As they were leaving, I took a picture of the expedition on our front yard. When my mother got to the theater, her camera died, and she was unable to take any pictures. When it came time to blog, she did not want to post my picture, because the background was less than ideal. So she simply found a picture of the theater on the Internet, and then moved the people from my picture to the other.

    She was not completely lying, merely telling a half-truth.

    -The Under-bribed Photographer

  4. Curses! I accidentally posted that last comment as my dad.

    The comment previous to this one was from Joshua, not Tim. In case you were confused.

  5. I used to go to the Seattle Children’s Theater when I was younger, back when it was still located next to Woodland Part Zoo. They do an amazing job! It’s one of the things I really miss about Seattle.

  6. I LOVE Sarah’s dress. Our group did Charly and the Chocolate Factory. They are working on Wizard of Oz now….I think I’ll go after hearing your thoughts on the handling of the magic etc.

    Sounds like a fun day! I love Seattle.

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