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We’ve been home from the Prayer Conference for three hours. The house is cluttered with Christmas bins (yes, we still have Christmas decorations up, don’t rush us), suitcases, mail, library books, and assorted shoes and boots (the kids managed to find some snow while we were gone).

prayer conference groupees

What a joy it was to bring Joshua with us to the prayer conference.

What have I been doing?


I can’t help it! I’ve got this new Bosch, 25 pounds of wheat and a Nutrimill. Who cares about the mess or the details that need my attention before bed. Please don’t remind me that our homeschooling co-op starts on Friday. The kitchen just doesn’t look right without a fresh loaf of bread tucked away on the counter.

bosch is the best

Tim went to pick up the children from AWANA. I sent him off with three, still piping hot, loaves of fresh whole grain bread. Yum and double yum! I kept one here at home (it fell and didn’t look as “pretty” as the others) and I’ve got three more rising on the stove. I think we’ll have enough bread to last for the rest of the week.

I told Tim to find someone who looked like they needed a fresh loaf of bread and to share the bounty. I’m so curious as to who he came across in the church parking lot.

Was it you??

Here are the two recipes I used (I’m still experimenting with the first one as I can’t seem to get the flour measurements right, it’s too sticky but the end loaf is incredible!! Both recipes use the Bosch which is a BIG mixer and can handle a large recipe):

thank you, g'ma

My inlaws give the BEST gifts!!

Grandma’s Yummy Loaf

6 cups hot water
3/4 cup oil
2/3 to 1 cup honey
generous tbs salt
2 1/2 tbs lecithin granules
heaping 1/4 cup gluten flour
9 3/4 cup hard white wheat, freshly ground (not sure how much this makes – that’s where I’m having trouble. I need to double check. I’ve been using 11 cups of flour, or so, and it’s way too sticky. More bread making is needed to perfect this)
2 1/2 tbs yeast

Combine hot water, oil, honey, salt, lecithin, and gluten flour in heavy duty mixing bowl. Mix well. Add half of the freshly ground flour. Mix well. Sprinkle yeast on top of mixture. Add remaining flour. Mix on low speed until ingredients are just combined. Knead on medium high for 8-10 minutes until dough is cleaning itself off sides of bowl and stretches nicely.

Divide dough into 4 to 6 loaves (depending on loaf pan size). Roll and shape dough, tuck ends and place in greased pan. Cover and let rise in warm place 30 minutes or until doubled. Bake on middle rack of oven 25-30 minutes at 350. Gently remove and cool.

Because I haven’t been adding enough flour (I’ve made this three times now and keep forgetting to measure 9 cups of wheat first and then grind it) it’s been way too sticky to shape into pretty loaves. It does, however, bake into these deliciously tasty loaves. Wow! Very good.

The other recipe is one I found online. Tonight is the first time I tried it. The recipe is very similar. It drew rave reviews from my hungry crowd.

Five Loaf Recipe Adapted from a recipe from Breadbeckers.com

5 cups Hot Water
1 ¼ cup oil (half olive oil, half canola)
¾ cup honey
2 ½ Tbs. Instant Yeast
12-14 cups whole wheat, freshly milled flour
5 tsp salt
2 Tbs Powdered Milk
2 Tbs Gluten

Step 1: Combine, water, oil, honey. Add 8 cups of flour, yeast, salt, powdered milk, and gluten. Mix thoroughly. (2 minutes on setting 2)

Step 2: Add remaining flour and knead until smooth and elastic (10 minutes on Setting 2)

Step 3: Let rise for five minutes in mixer bowl. Then stir on low (Bosch level 2) for just a few seconds.

Step 4: Shape into loaves or rolls with oiled hands.

Step 5: Place into greased pans and let rise until double. (I let it rise approx 30 minutes)

Bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes. Let them cool in the pans for about 5 minutes, then turn out on a cooling rack to cool completely.

I only have so many bread loaf pans, of course, and was already using four of them on the other batch, so I had to improvise with this second recipe.

bread bowls

Hopefully these will work as soup/bread bowls.

Can you say Over Achiever!!

I made six little bread bowls (draping dough over muffin cups). We’ll see if those turn out. I guess that means I need to make up a batch of some sort of tasty stew or chili tomorrow. Hmmm. Chicken tortilla soup maybe?

In the back of my cabinet I found a baguette pan (at least that’s what I think it is). I haven’t used it in years. No time like the present, I thought to myself, dragging it out and washing off the dust. I also found this cute little stoneware pot that is supposedly oven safe.

loaf of bread anyone?

We’re practically our own bakery! I think we’ve given away almost as many loaves as we’ve eaten but I’m not certain.

Now I had better take off the baker’s hat and go be a mom, housekeeper and homeschool teacher.

If you have a good bread recipe, PLEASE share it!! I’ve got a mixer and I’m prepared to use it.


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10 thoughts on “Home and Baking”

  1. mmmmm! Kathy, that bread looks fab-lu-ous!
    My brood is always pleased when I get the bug to make a load of bread. For a while I only had one bread pan, so we would make one loaf and one round. Since the round was not good for sandwiches, it always ended up being consumed as snack.
    You look like you are getting to be quite the professional baker! :)

  2. Hey! WHat a fun blog! Let me know if the bread bowls work out. Love the recipes. Thanks for sharing! ARC

  3. You know, the bread is dandy (to be sure, I’ve been a past recipient!), the conference I’m sure was grand but you had me at … CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS STILL OUT! I LOVE YOU! :)

    I knew there was a reason God put you in my life. I am not alone in this world….God bless you my wonderful friend.

  4. mmmm! i can taste it now. good for you. who needs to do those mundane chores when you can grind your own wheat and bake bread–lol

  5. Heh. I went down to the Cubbies classroom, and there were five teachers standing in a circle, all the kids finally gone. I recounted my loaves: three. I recounted the ladies: five.

    This was definitely a time for those loaves to be a-multiplying, like when Jesus fed the 5000. Still, even flush from the prayer conference, I didn’t feel up to performing a miracle, so I just put the three loaves on the counter and ran for it, shouting over my shoulder:

    “Kathy made bread! There’s three loaves, and five of you! Good luck!”

    Poor Leah didn’t get one, I know that. Better luck next time!

  6. 1. Wow – Joshua is growing up so fast.

    2. Kathy, does the new Bosch wobble around when it’s kneeding on 3?

    3. I actually measured for my recipe a few times…..I grind 10 cups of grain all together and it’s 18 C of flour….one key I’ve learned is to grease my hands, put a bit of oil on the counter and knead it that way if it’s a bit sticky rather than using too much flour…..turns out lighter and moister – that’s not quite the right word….anyway…..I’ve learned that when I think it’s a bit sticky – it’s just right. LOL

    Looks like you are having a blast with your new toys…er…tools.

  7. Hi Tim and Kathy,

    How wonderful to see how the children have grown! Especially Rachel. Hannah is now 9 years old and doing well. She is attending a Lutheran School in Dearborn and has a love for her savior much like your children. If you have time please send me an email.

  8. *sigh* I’m just going to sit here and stare at your mixer and daydream… someday… *sigh* :) The baguette pans look like fun! I wish gluten-free bread dough was a lot more like bread dough and a lot less like brownie batter. (I’m conjuring up a mental image of GF dough in a baguette pan and it’s NOT pretty!) Way to rock the kitchen you domestic diva, you! ;)

  9. It is very good picture of Kathy and Mrs. Edgren . I can not wait for a chance to have another taste of Mrs. Edgren and Kathy cooking . Have a great day ! It is snowing lightly here in Virginia today .

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