A kitten would make everything better!

Hello loyal blog readers! And not so loyal blog readers, just kidding! Ha ha! Oh, this is Rachel by the way. My mom wanted me to write this blog/story. Probably because I really love this certain subject!

It all started one normal afternoon. Rachel E. was sitting on ‘Big Blue’ like a good girl, reading her slightly dull, but historic school book, when she heard a very loud noise.

“Oh my goodness,” she thought to herself. “That sounded like someone dumped a load of wild elephants on our fount porch!” (Rachel has a tendency to exaggerate a little.) Then she heard a small and pitiful meowing that seemed to come from the same area.

sweet little thing

“Well If its meowing I hear, a kitten must be near!”

Actually she thought, “Oh no, something terrible must have happened, I should go investigate!” So Rachel quickly ran outside. As she ran around the corner and down the stairs, a big brown cat slipped under her parents’ car and into the neighbors yard.

“Oh,” thought Rachel. “I wonder if that was the meowing I heard, hmm I’ll check just in case.” So she hurried down the stairs, and knelt in the dirt. There in the blackberry bushes was an adorable, perfect, completely terrified, little kitten. She reached her hand under to rescue the poor thing from its cold, and sharp surroundings, but the little imp clawed and bit her. Rachel decided it would be smarter to have gloves for this sort of rescuing. After rushing to gather the very large gloves, she gently lifted the tiny kitten from the thorns. She then showed it to the rest of her family. Some were just thrilled to see a real live kitten, but some were not as pleased.

Can I pet him?

“Now you may play with the kitten outside, but it does not come in to the house,” said Rachel’s beloved father.

“Yes sir,” Rachel replied but inside, she sighed.

Her mother chimed in, “Aww it’s so cute! Don’t let me get attached to it, or I might want to keep it.”

“And that’s the last thing we want!” Rachel thought. She reminded her mother of how little and sweet it was. :)

Rachel spent the next glorious hour holding her favorite and most sought after animal in the whole world. Then Rachel’s youngest siblings babied and cuddled the darling kitten. But eventually all good things have to come to an end, (Until we get to Heaven! There good things NEVER come to an end!! :) ) But in this story, Rachel’s good thing had to come to an end.

Definitely a baby kitten!

Rachel’s father said, “Okay, now take it back where you found it, so its mother can find it again.” This is a very logical statement, but at the time, Rachel thought she would be a much better mom to that little kitten. After all, the mother just abandoned its child! But Rachel knew she must obey, so sadly she took the kitten back to where she found it, but in a slightly more comfortable place, and went back to her school.

look at those faces!

That is the end of our tale, Rachel has not rescued the kitten again, and she knows that she probably never will. Even though at this very moment she knows where her little friend is. (And one or more of it’s siblings) ;) So, if anyone of you loyal blog readers think that Rachel should be allowed to keep, or at least attend the kittens, please comment!!

buddies in the grass

Thank you,

P.S. if you don’t believe that this tale is true, just ask Sarah, she saw it too!

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17 thoughts on “A kitten would make everything better!”

  1. I dare not fight the parents on this — if your dad is allergic to adorable kitties, for example, it would be a very bad thing to keep this little darling. And adorable kittens do tend to grow up to be snooty, mischievous – okay even destructive – cats. And I’m a cat-lover saying this! I love kitties as much or more as the next person, but one has to consider all sides of the issue. If you don’t de-claw them, which some say is cruel, they scratch up furniture, climb and shred curtains, always want to go outside to hunt and kill innocent little birds and frogs, then go in the neighbors’ lawns and poop, and upset the neighbors’ dogs… But kitties are indeed adorable!

  2. Ema says to ship one to her, she will take one. :)

    As a mom who is a reluctant dog owner, I have to say a cat is much easier to take care of, but I am loathe to persuade another parent into a pet. Sorry.
    But….. that kitten is awfully cute. And cuddly looking. And looks as though it likes Tim. :0
    Did you name it yet? Naming is one step closer to ownership you know. Makes it more ‘personal’.

  3. I am a very firm believer in rewarding obedience and it appears Rachel demonstrated it in spades!

    Count me as a vote for the Keeping of the Kitten!

  4. Ohhh let Rachel attend to that kitten! Aunt Jenn is voting for Rachel!!!!! Poor Tim… you might get outnumbered on here!

  5. A Dr. Seus in the making! Wonderful story/tale, dear Rachel.

    I am voting to keep if not at least attend the little one.

    Do you have a name picked out?

    There is practically no easier pet than a cat. (unless you have some very allergic folks- which I think perhaps you do)

    Love you kids. Aunt Kate

  6. Ah – what a sweet story.

    Alas, kind Rachel, the G family also has a father who refuses homes to sweet kittens….so I understand…but….we also have no cats….some things you simply can’t fight. ::grin::

  7. Sorry — we say no to a kitty. We are actually both allergic to cats. They cause both of us much distress and sickness. Alan can’t breathe around them and Jodi can’t see. We have a hard time seeing the good in cats when neighborhood cats are using my garden as a litter box.

  8. I think you should Keep it! :D It will teach you responsibility(: haha, That is a VERY cute kitten!

  9. I vote for keep the kitten. A kitten brings such joy to any household, just as a little baby does and it teaches valuable life skills to the ones caring for it. In fact I would say that in some ways the kind of pets (or lack of them) that you keep as a child help to distinguish the kind of person you will be when you grow up. I think this kitten is just what Rachel needs at this stage in her life.

  10. Ordinarily I would say… keep the little angel!! But, considering Mr. Edgren is allergic to cat fur…that might (would) cause some issues. But, I think that Rachel should definitely be able to care for the kittens! I do believe the mother abandoned them and that Rachel should take care of them! there is my vote!


  11. Obviously I need to do a better job deleting, er, moderating these comments.

    I have no objection to Rachel attending, or even ‘dancing attendance upon’, the darling little kittens. But surely everyone knows: kittens become fierce adolescent hunters, and those, much sooner than you’d imagine, become … cats with all the ‘cuteness’ of Garfield.

    Now, some cats are affectionate and sociable, but others are hostile, demanding and destructive. There doesn’t seem to be any way to predict this. Even the loveable variety can be quite expensive — in a time when money is tight, I think we’ll keep the cats outside and feral.

  12. Rachel – I am so impressed with your storytelling skills. I was thoroughly entertained.

  13. Have been following our kitten story on the blog? We have 4 baby kittens that Nathan has been tending to. We brought them inside each night for the first week or so to keep them safe. I was worried the mama wouldn’t take them back but she did. So each night we brought them in and each morning we put them back out. Now they are too big to bring them in, but they’re also bigger and able to get around well enough to avoid the nocturnal predators. Anyway…. our kittens are definitely outdoor ones!

  14. that is the cutest kitten ever! all kittens are amazing…..(until they become cats that is!)
    way to go Rachel!

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