Haircuts for Girls

Last week I took Sarah and Rachel to get their hair cut.

sarah's before picture

Sarah definitely needs a fresh cut.

Or is it hairs cut?
Hair cuts?

keep cutting

Yikes. Do we have to work on grammar during the summer?

When I made the appointment for Rachel I mentioned Sarah getting her hair done later in July, “When I have some fresh funds in my hair cut budget,” I mumbled. The stylist heard me and generously encouraged me to bring in both girls. “I can give you a discount,” she offered kindly.

haircut, braid and pretty smile

Sarah loved her new look.

Just when I am frustrated with the constraints of a budget and the limits on my spending, I see God working. He is not limited by funds.

…for every animal of the forest is mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills. Psalm 50:10

the path of beauty

great cut!

It’s always nice to be pampered.

Not only does the Lord hold out His hand to bless me, He uses the people around me. In the famous words of Professor Oppelbaumer, “it’s a vin, vin, vin situation.” They are rewarded in their gift of time, energy and resources, and I am honored by their kindness.

my lovely girls

A blessed mother and her precious jewels.


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  1. They look beautiful – what a fun outing to do together. Happy for your blessing!

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