Still Summer

We need a new blog picture and theme. However, since I haven’t blogged about our time in Texas yet (where it is eternally summer, from our perspective), I figure there’s no hurry.

Today Tim has the children and will be gone until dark. Can you hear the angels singing? I have the entire day to myself. There are school books and binders spread across the dining room table. My hope is to have some sort of a school plan established by the end of the day.

Hence my time here on the blog. There’s too much pressure over in the other room – books to sort, curriculum decisions to make, a transcript of Joshua’s freshmen year to document, meals to plan.

Instead of dealing with all of that, I’d much rather think about our vacation, where it was hot and sunny and there was no talk of school allowed.

red shirts unite!

Yes, we settled on red as our theme traveling shirt this year. It was a tough battle between green and red, and one child voted for a Christmas look, combining the two favored colors. Needless to say red won.

With that said, I must get back to the table o’ responsibility that awaits me. Cheers on this Labor Day!


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5 thoughts on “Still Summer”

  1. I like the family picture, though not everyone is looking especially happy! (unlike Rachel) I hope you all had a wonderful time in Texas, I know Rachel did. See you soon,


  2. hmmm… imagine that, attempting to do labor on labor day, the very day set aside for the workers to rest, and yet finding yourself not really wanting to work at all. sort of ironic isn’t it? a bit of an oxymoron perhaps….work on a work holiday? who does that? :) so i guess its no wonder then, that i sense a red flag of procrastination along with that red shirt theme you write about so elegantly, i mean after all, today is set aside to honor the workers by giving them a day of rest, is it not? so why should you want to do anything on this glorious labor day other than rest? perhaps a simple wish for an eternal summer of the school less mind where everyday is a vacation is in order. after all while the cats away the mouse will play….your family is gone for the day right? so get organized quick. do all your mommy and wife chores and play hard. you never know when you are going to get another chance, enjoy it while you have it :)

  3. One of these days you’re going to have to come to grips with the fact that summer is OVER….. gone, past tense, soon to be a distant memory! LOL. I speak from experience because we started school a month ago! And, I’m getting jealous every time I read your blog about it still being summer 9LOL)!

  4. The blond-ness in that photo stood out to me; was it just the lighting? Was this AFTER Texas, on the way home?

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