Navy Guy

Joshua is enjoying R.O.T.C. these days. Keeps us busy as we add another activity to our lives. I didn’t have my camera handy this week when he was dressed for inspection. Okay, I had the camera, but I wasn’t awake at that point (coffee was still in the pot and not in my mug).

Go Navy?

Anyway, I’ll try and get a picture of him in his full regalia next week. For now, here’s a shot of him in his Navy PT workout clothes.


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7 thoughts on “Navy Guy”

  1. Kathy, do you have to take him to school every day? We considered this for Landon, but I hated the thought of running on the school’s schedule. How is it going?

  2. Nobody had yet mentioned that it’s NAVY JROTC (and it is J ROTC, which is distinct, or do the J-guys like to leave off the J- and I’m just being a snob?) If I’d known it was NAVY, I might have like sent him money or something! Go Navy!

  3. Yes, indeed, it is JUNIOR ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps) with a ‘J’ tacked on the front, taught by a retired marine LTC in a local high school. No offense intended to the ROTC program, which is at the college level.

    Nice to see, Liz, that JoshE has a Navy fan in the family, among all the Army types; nice also to see that you haven’t forgotten your Navy roots, in spite of (or because of?) your long stint as an Army wife. :)

    The driving has been a bit more than we expected — every day, about 20 minutes away. The class period (1 hour) is long enough to make it painful to wait, yet short enough to make it not really worth your while to go home, if you’re only going to turn around and go back. We’re quite a bit more anxious for Joshua to get his driver’s license than are most parents of 16 year-olds. We were slow off the mark in getting Josh his learner’s permit, and so he can’t get a full license until just before Christmas.

  4. Hi There!

    Jared is disappointed that JROTC didn’t work for him here and CAP is dead. I’m trying to believe that God has something different for him to occupy himself with.

    We’d love to hear what Joshua thought of World View Academy…did he make it?

    Hey – congrats on the thermostat on the side. Way to go – debt free in 11 months. I’m proud of y’all.

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