Tarah Comes for a Visit

Sarah’s dear friend, Tarah, came for a Double Night Sleepover this weekend. Sarah and Tarah have been friends since they were three years old. They were born a day apart and have delightfully rhyming names.

Sarah, David and Tarah spent some time coloring and writing this afternoon.


I'm not sure we'll let Tarah go home - we might just keep her!

It just flows so nicely.

We had a lovely Saturday – W2Connect Mentor tea in the morning, cleaning in the afternoon, a quick run to Costco (new glasses ordered for Daniel), home to grab the kids for a matinee. Throw in a handy man who replaced our kitchen faucet, the knob and locks on the front door, AND brought us an amazing dinner, and you can see life is good.

David played frisbee with Daniel and then hung out with the girls - he's a busy guy.

Just another busy day in this crazy thing we call life.


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4 thoughts on “Tarah Comes for a Visit”

  1. Changing the locks while Rachel was gone was a clever idea, however you forgot the mud room door. (; Next time!

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