Eggs and the Navy

Today, Joshua received a call from a Navy Lieutenant (an O-3, equivalent to an Army Captain). “So, we haven’t heard from you about the four-year Navy ROTC scholarship we offered to you. Will you be accepting it, or should we offer it to someone else?”

In recent days, Joshua’s sense of God’s purpose for his college years has solidified into a near-certainty: it seems evident that the full-ride scholarship at Union University is the best path being offered. Joshua really likes the school, admires the faculty, is sold on the honors program, and even found a good church (while visiting last month). Best of all, his cousin Rebecca attends Union — the two of them really seem to enjoy each other.

So Joshua thanked the Lieutenant, and respectfully declined the scholarship the Navy had offered. It is odd, I think, to see a door close that was once hoped-for so passionately. I remember Joshua’s jubilation at receiving the scholarship, and the relief we all felt, knowing that there was at least one way for him to attend college. Now we hope that it will be the source of jubilation for another deserving young man.

Our hopes for a culinary scholarship were dashed early-on, although Joshua can cook one dish: scrambled eggs.

There is a powerful sense of belonging that military service provides, and for many years, we have all assumed that Joshua would pursue military service in exchange for college funding. His enjoyment of his Junior ROTC unit during High School, his personality, and his physical bearing have all contributed to that assumption. Yet now that Union has offered an academic, full-ride scholarship, ROTC is no longer necessary to underwrite Joshua’s college education.

It will be interesting to see what he does. Union has a cross-town relationship with another nearby ROTC detachment, and it might be rewarding for Joshua to join the unit. I worry that he might bite off more than he can chew, with the Honors program, maybe some difficult Physics classes, and the minimum 3.25 GPA requirement that comes with his scholarship.

We had a nice discussion about it today — I often feel very honored when Joshua talks with me about the big decisions in his life. As we agreed last night, it isn’t all about Joshua, but rather about God. How will God be most glorified?

The father of a righteous man has great joy; he who has a wise son delights in him. — Proverbs 23:24


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8 thoughts on “Eggs and the Navy”

  1. As it just so happens, I am in no way limited to scrambled eggs. I have mastered the art of frying, am reasonably competent at boiling, and have been known to even dabble in poaching now and then.

    However, most culinary experts agree that true excellence is rarely attained with only one ingredient. I was quick to point out that toast and cheese both count as ingredients, but these culinary guru types are rather fussy when it comes to things like “variety” and “nutrition”. Whatever that means.

    1. You had me with you on frying (that’s usually the first stage of your scrambled eggs, to be sure) and I can believe (at a stretch) boiling. But the only kind of ‘poaching’ you’re likely to be doing is more commonly referred to as ‘shoplifting’.

  2. It is indeed interesting to watch how the Lord directs our steps. What seems so clear to us as a long-term direction is often just a step on the way to something else. And, as my Navy dad was wont to say, “You can’t steer a ship until it’s underway, so at least get moving, and the Lord can always change your direction if He wants to.” Joshua and his direction will be in our prayers, and we’ll watch with interest to see how God steers him!

  3. It is interesting to read what has gone on in Joshua’s life to bring him to Union, as Union wasn’t even on Christian’s radar a few months ago either! It had popped up in his college search, but his little group of friends had ruled out anything south of the Mason Dixon line initially! :) No particular reason, but then another friend, not a girl friend, but just a good friend who happens to be a girl was looking at it because of their great volleyball program, and she is a great volleyball player! And so they started taking another look at it. Now 3 of them are going there, as well as another girl from AK whose uncle is a theology professor there at Union. So there will be four freshman from AK there this fall.

    Christian can only cook eggs and warm up soup also Josh, so I am planning on having a little “College Cooking lesson” up here before he and Jesse leave so that you won’t starve on the days the cafeteria isn’t serving the favored meals! :) Once upon a time I was home ec teacher, and had to come up with fast meals that could be prepared and cleaned up in 45 min.! : ) I hear there is Costco in Jackson, so when we get you guys set up down there, we will stock you up with some stuff for fast meals! :)

    Heidi (Christian’s Mom)

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