Childhood Friendships

It is clear to me that the children have inherited my deep love for relationships. Likewise, they have also been very blessed in the friends who have come into their lives. When we lived out in the country (sometimes a very lonely existence), we were inexplicably surrounded by Christian families (many of whom were also homeschooling). Deep and lasting friendships resulted from those years. Often the teenagers would come over and babysit the little ones while I did school with the older three kids, the moms opened their homes for coffee and visiting, and the children ran with their “pack” of friends.

The kids all gather for Joshua's birthday.

Birthdays were crazy and fun as the children (including siblings) would gather to celebrate. I couldn’t find a picture that included ALL the neighborhood kids, but the memories are precious and vivid.

As the years pass, I see it over and over again, the respect and honor for friendship blossoming in my children. Joshua has a close friend from Michigan who has vacationed with us several years running, both here in Washington and in Texas. Rachel has the unique ability to maintain old friendships while still reaching out and welcoming new people in her life. Joshua and a homeschooling friend who has moved to the southwest talk on the phone nearly every week. Daniel is saving his money to go visit his best friend, Zachary, who now lives in Thailand. Neither boy seems to be a bit daunted by the years and miles that have separated them as Zachary’s parents serve as missionaries. It is especially a joy to see how most of these friendships develop around families.

Joshua and David R. are bookends to a bunch of silly swimmers.

The Burts are dear friends and we miss them terribly while they are far off in Thailand.

David and Sarah are following in the excellent example of their older siblings. They constantly open their hearts and homes to friends of all ages. They are ready to host play dates and parties on a moments notice and don’t think twice about including younger or older siblings. They routinely set up outings at the park with friends.

Last week we had the opportunity to go to the new Children’s Museum of Tacoma with some friends. David and Sarah were a little bit older than the typical crowd, but they enjoyed their time thoroughly. The reason being? They were with friends.

The best thing about the museum was definitely the water works.

I suspect they were secretly hoping to flood the place.

And next week they are excited to know that we’ll be keeping some of their closest friends for two days while their parents are out of town.

I am impressed by the quality of friendships that all my children display and the sweet, mature, godly, fun people that they choose to call friends.


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