A Month Slips Away

It always surprises me, how time passes. One of my favorite authors expresses it this way:

The days became weeks, as they will when allowed to heap themselves upon one another unattended, and these weeks, likewise, turned themselves into months … with no regard for the minutes and hours they used up in doing so.

And so, unregarded, we jump from April 2nd to April 29th, without a blog post.

I’m sure there were some noteworthy events in the month of April. We started strong with our Small-Group-Sponsored Widow’s Dinner (™) and not long afterward, celebrated Easter and my Mom’s birthday. Daniel’s birthday followed on the 15th, and my parents took us to see a live performance of Captain’s Courageous.

David and Sarah were very excited about our dinner for some of the widows who attend our church.

On the 17th, The Refuge passed the final inspection and received a Certificate of Occupancy for the Main Lodge — what a huge answer to prayer and a culmination of more than ten years of tireless effort!

Kathy’s Mom came to visit and the ladies went off for their annual Women’s Retreat, while the kids and I sneaked out to The Refuge in an attempt to be the ‘first guests’.

Sarah helped me make ice cream pies for our Widow Dinner.

Personally, I think that we often have a hard time noticing the passage of time because we were designed for eternity. This whole time thing is an artificial constraint, and we know (in our deepest hearts) that it is temporary.

In the meantime, the march of time continues — but perhaps we can ease the relentless pace by highlighting a few of the best parts.


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3 thoughts on “A Month Slips Away”

  1. I, too, have been caught off-guard by the pace at which this month has slipped by. Some say it’s age as makes time go faster. I prefer your explanation. (By the way, that quote felt so familiar; where’s it from?)

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