I got a strange email from my oldest son, today. It was rather cryptic and obscure — I couldn’t really figure out what he was getting at. Sometimes it is best to just say things plainly, but you know how these college students are — so clever, maybe even too clever.

He seems so straightforward in this picture, you'd think he could say what he meant.

He seems so straightforward in this picture, you’d think he could say what he meant.

Here’s the text of the email:

“My oh my, what a lovely day. I almost think the only thing that could make this day better would be if I had a blog post to read from my beloved family.”

“Gee, guys, my parents always taught me not to steal from helpless old ladies, so we should probably call it a night. On the other hand, they haven’t blogged in so long, they must be trying to tell me that everything they taught me previously is null and void… So lets go for it!”

“As my old Pappy used to say,
– Fortune favors the blogger.
– When in Rome, blog as the Romans do.
– When the blogging gets tough, the tough get blogging
– People who live in glass houses should blog more.
– Birds of a feather blog together.
– Discretion is the better part of blogging.
– Never look a gift blog in the mouth.
– If it ain’t broke, blog about it.
– One man’s trash is another man’s blog.
– Beauty is in the eye of the blogger.
– Necessity is the mother of blogging.
– A blog is only as strong as its weakest paragraph.
or something like that.”

“Studies have shown that the only concrete difference between those college students who do well in school and those who flunk out and join motorcycle gangs is this: The successful students all had parents who blogged often and included lots of pictures, while the unsuccessful students, without exception, all had parents who claimed they were ‘too busy’ to blog.”

As you can see, I was at a loss. What could he possibly be looking for? Is he asking for a care package? Is he hinting that he is having trouble in his classes? Trouble with a roommate?

I’m stumped. Please help, dear reader.


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8 thoughts on “Subtlety”

  1. Hmmm, I am baffled, but I have a sneaking suspicion that perhaps he wants us to , crazy as it is, BLOG!!! yay…. haha

  2. Someone definitely hacked into my computer and sent that email in my name without my consent. I could never be that subtle.

    But, entirely coincidentally, I had been hoping you folks would blog soon, so this is a happy and serendipitous event.

    1. Happy and serendipitous, indeed.

      You should know that whoever hacked your account somehow also managed to have the same IP address as your laptop, and they managed to duplicate your writing style pretty effectively. I’d be worried, if I were you.

      In retrospect, though, I should have known it wasn’t you, Josh, because of the ‘people in glass houses’ quote. You would never have deviated from your trademark quote:

      “People who live in glass houses should change in the basement.”

  3. Oh how I love your family. Cannot wait to see you all this summer. Good thing we are part of the same family of God because just for that reason I can brag we are related! Love this post!

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