Summer Joy

Today is one of those glorious summer mornings when everything looks like it is freshly-minted from the hand of God. The sun laughs in a cloudless blue sky, casting its warm light across green lawns and trees, painting everything with crisp new edges and joyfully washing away the shadows. Even shabby, man-made buildings gain a fresh luster from the golden bath of new light, as the day fairly explodes with promise and hope.

Waiting for my train to arrive ...

Waiting for my train to arrive …

Of course, I’ll spend the day in a beige, cloth-covered cubicle, 25 feet from the nearest window, staring into computer screens at webserver configurations. But for the next 90 minutes, my eyes are free to feast on the beauty of God’s creative brushstrokes and His masterful use of light and color on this canvas of Earth. Mount Rainier looms in hazy majesty to the east, peeking out from behind every obstruction as if to remind me of God’s omnipresence and the sheer size of His glory.

Even downtown Seattle looks fresh and new.

Even downtown Seattle looks fresh and new.

On days like this, my heart sings with gratitude to my Creator, and I blink away tears at His goodness to me. Each breath feels like a priceless gift, and the mundane falls away as I gaze on the smallest hint of what God has in store for me, when I go to live with Him forever.

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3 thoughts on “Summer Joy”

  1. That was beautiful… I remember, that was a good day, I spent the beginning of it playing tennis :)

    Thanks for writing again!

  2. Wow. That was very beautiful…I loved all the words you used to describe the amazing day. Thanks for writing a blog!

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