Home for Christmas

Strange things are happening in our household this weekend. Joshua and Rachel are home from college, and Mamie (Kathy’s Mom) is visiting us for a few weeks. When my parents stopped by for a quick visit, we all rushed out to the front of the house for a family picture.

A passel of Edgrens (and one Moore).

A passel of Edgrens (and one Moore). Not sure what happened to Daniel.

It is quite a change for us, transitioning from a quiet, relatively empty house to chaos and bursting at the seams. I am surprised at how much it fills my heart with joy, to have the older kids back home.

My favorite five children, typically silly.

My favorite five children, typically silly.

And of course, it is always great to have Mamie here with us. We always wish she would stay longer; I suppose she finds that our chaos is better in small doses.

Hooray for Mamie!

Hooray for Mamie!

We have them only for a few weeks, then Mamie heads back to Michigan, and Rachel back to school for January Term. Joshua will stay for most of January; a nice change from last summer, when he was in Turkey most of the time.

Kathy and I are grappling with being parents of grown children — they think they can rush off and have their own lives, how rude! I guess the secret is to make the most of the time we have, so I will cherish these next few weeks.

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4 thoughts on “Home for Christmas”

  1. Love all the pics! Daniel – glad your sweet smiling face finally made a full appearance in the last pic with Mamie!!!
    Love you so much, Edgrens. <3

  2. I can’t believe you’re surprised at the joy of having those 2 older ones home. They’re not even “mine” and it gave me great joy to have them here at Thanksgiving. They’re a delight. So glad Joshua will be with you a while. And it looks like you got a gorgeous sunny day for those photos! Love your family!

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