Co-op Begins

We have been blessed to be a part of some wonderful homeschool groups over the years. We have spent many afternoons at the YMCA involved in the homeschool PE program. We’ve gone on field trips with other homeschooling families, shared tables at curriculum sales, and done annual academic testing together. Most significantly, however, has been our connection with homeschool co-ops.

2008 - Alamo Village (history while on vacation)

2008 – Alamo Village (history while on vacation)

Homeschool co-ops offer the opportunity for homeschoolers to come together and join resources. A homeschooling family alone (unless they are perhaps the Duggars) can’t really gather the numbers for a choir or drama team. In a co-op, on the other hand, there are enough children for team sports, plays, public speaking and debate teams. Even better, where one mom is weak, another mom is strong. I may HATE arts and crafts but have a LOVE for educational games. Or perhaps I enjoy working and teaching teens whereas another mom has a heart for 1st and 2nd graders. Co-ops offer a place for homeschool children to enjoy the company and friendship of other homeschoolers. Other kids who “get” the concept of homeschooling. They are provided with the chance to sit in classrooms, under a teacher other than MOM. Co-ops can round out a homeschooling experience, enrich and strengthen it.

We’ve met some of our dearest friends at co-op, watched students graduate, celebrated weddings between co-op families, taught many classes, studied art, drama, music, history, math, science (and so much more), laughed and served together.

Today was the first day of the second semester at ACTS co-op. Our co-op days look a little different in this season. Instead of packing up five children, complete with lunches, school supplies, and teaching materials, now only David, Sarah and I set off on co-op mornings.

Home from co-op

Co-Op days require a little bit of attitude!

Food for dinner (made at co-op)

Muffins for dinner (made at co-op)

These co-op days are busy and crazy and precious. We enjoy being together. We have many friends. David and Sarah have many opportunities to grow, learn and shine at ACTS. I’m incredibly privileged to serve on the Board of Directors with a group of amazing, talented, hard-working women. Still, we all sort of miss the days of being a “big family” at co-op, piling in and out of the minivan. Tim said something this week that has struck me by it’s TRUTH.

Our inability to wrap our minds around the passage of time is just one more
bit of evidence that we are wired for eternity, unbound by the constraints of time.

The last time Tim and I were working through a Project 366 (it was a leap year), I posted on the final day of co-op. Sarah was “graduating” from kindergarten. Oh my goodness. The cuteness and those cheeks!

Sarah and her bff Tarah - 2008.

Sarah and her bff Tarah – 2008.

How the years do fly by.

Tarah and Sarah Christmas Eve 2014

Tarah and Sarah Christmas Eve 2014

From kindergarten to 7th grade in a blink of the eye. From junior high to college in another blink. May our days honor the One who has granted us this time here on earth.

Project 365 – Day 16

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  1. OH MY GOSH! WE ARE SOOOOO CUTE!!! AHHHH oh my gosh… i remember that day we graduated from pre school or kindergarten! oh the good ol days:)

  2. Sweet memories! How they grow and change….and now I am down to just one in the van on the way to co-op!!!! This has been such a precious and valuable addition to my kids’ lives. Thanks for walking this journey with my, my friend!!! :)

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