Rachel left for Tennessee right after our amazing New Year’s Eve party. She went back for Union’s January Term. We had a wonderful visit with her over the holidays . There’s such a sweetness about having a grown child return home. I love college students – they are thinking and growing and figuring out life practically right in front of your eyes. Rachel is a dedicated student, loyal friend, thoughtful daughter, and godly young woman. I am incredibly proud of her!!

Tarah, Leah, Rachel, Katie and Hannah helped us celebrate the new year!

Tarah, Leah, Rachel, Katie and Hannah helped us celebrate the new year!

Joshua decided not to attend Jan Term this year. Instead we were treated to an extra two weeks of time with him. He worked, played games with us, watched movies and helped with AWANA. The very ‘normalness’ of it all was even more precious. As a junior in college with a heart for discipleship and missions as well as a passion for learning, Joshua is very intentional with his time. Our summers and winter breaks with him have been very brief. The January of his freshman year he went to Germany on a mission trip, returned for the second semester at Union and then spent the summer traveling with WorldView Academy. The next winter he returned to school for Jan Term and then served on Union’s Go Trip in Turkey over the summer months.

Joshua & Rachel at Rachel's Lake City Graduation Party - May 2014

Joshua & Rachel at Rachel’s Lake City Graduation Party – May 2014

Last week Joshua went to Alaska to visit a special friend from college. After a fun week with Kelsie and her family, the two of them flew into Seattle to spend a week with us. Watching the kids grow, form godly friendships, and bring new people into the circle of our family has been a delight throughout the years. Over and over, Tim and I have been proud of the friends our children have made and pleased to enjoy their company as well. We have played games, watched movies, worked on projects, cleaned the house, painted rooms, decorated for the holidays, thrown parties, traveled, prayed, and eaten many, many meals (and more ice cream) with beautiful, amazing, talented, interesting, fun, godly young people over the years. I could post dozens of pictures of our children and their friends. We are blessed by the people they love.

This evening Joshua and Kelsie went to the high school Navy Junior ROTC Ball along with Daniel and many of our good friends. When Joshua and Daniel were cadets, several years ago, Tim and I put on our finest duds and celebrated with them. It was fun to watch them all dress up and go out this evening.

Joshua and Kelsie - ready for the ball.

Joshua and Kelsie – ready for the ball.

The rest of the week, I presume we’ll enjoy more board games, movies, laughter, and family time before Joshua and Kelsie return to Union.

A game of 7 Wonders - Tim posed with my coffee cup.

A game of 7 Wonders – David WON and Sarah came in second. Fun!

Project 365 – Day 24

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3 thoughts on “Visitors”

  1. What a treat it has been to have the college kids home for Christmas! We SO enjoyed having Rachel home for three weeks, and then another two weeks with Joshua! We haven’t had ‘down’ time with him for what seems like years.

    And of course, it is great to get to know Kelsie a little more — we are so thankful that she has been able to spare a week from her family to be with us. What a privilege to have grown children who seem to want to spend time with us!

  2. Oh, my, Kathy! I am feeling about 102. So great to see your kids getting big and becoming these competent, world-changing people. Enjoy the break.

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