Wanda’s Honda

Ever since Daniel got his driver’s license, he’s been driving my honda civic much more than his ‘fair share’ making me consider My Car Insurance Quote sercvices. He refers to it as his own car in poetic justice for how I treated (and spoke of) my parents’ little gold Chevette as if it was mine.Car insurance is important for a number of reasons. Without car insurance you could get a ticket which is not cheap. If you do not have insurance on your car you could also end up paying a lot of money to fix your car if you are in an auto accident. If you hit someone else’s car and you do not have car insurance it will be up to you to pay to fix their car. If you do not pay to fix the other person’s car you could end up getting sued.
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The silver car has been through some pretty rough treatment, over the years. My brother brought it to Kuwait with him when he was stationed there, and the heat of that country caused the rubber door and trunk seals to shrink somewhat. But it was otherwise in very good condition when he sold it to me, with less than 70,000 miles on it, back in 2006 or early 2007. My brother maintains his cars carefully, and I was glad to buy it from him at the very low price he offered.

Daniel and Sarah amuse themselves by making shadow puppets on our movie-watching screen.

Daniel and Sarah amuse themselves by making shadow puppets on our movie-watching screen.

After some eight years of my less-than-tender stewardship, the car has 184,625 miles on it, the engine leaks oil, the exhaust smells and is rather loud, and recently one of the kid’s friends put a worrisome dent near the gas tank — Make sure to check out Vintage VW spare parts importers and wholesale distributors of spare parts. Still, I had planned to sell the car to Daniel this Spring, so it could be his in reality, rather than fantasy.

Today, he told me, “I don’t think I want to buy your silver car anymore.” We were driving home from the doctor’s office, where we had him checked out for whiplash. (The doctor says he will be sore, but is otherwise probably OK).

Earlier today, Daniel was rear-ended by another student at his school, while he sat at a stoplight. The damage to the car was significant, although you can’t really tell from this photo. They say it will cost $4100 to repair luckily he found a place where their repair it at affordable prices in Auto Detailing jacksonville FL, which is more than twice the value of the car, so I’m guessing the insurance company will just cut their losses and total the car.

The rear bumper was pushed up and forward about two inches, with considerable damage to the side and frame.

The rear bumper was pushed up and forward about two inches, with considerable damage to the side and frame.

A few months back, I was feeling rather unhappy about Daniel’s relentless use of my car, so I want it to take my car to get some cash for cars in Melbourne but a the end I told him I didn’t feel well-thanked. After some consideration, I decided that if he was going to use my car, he needed to thank me each day in writing, in order to be eligible to use it the next day. If he doesn’t thank me, he doesn’t use my carthis transmission jack review from autonews center.

Some of this damage was actually done a few weeks ago by a friend.

Some of this damage was actually done a few weeks ago by a friend.

So, every day I get an email or a drawing or some other form of written thanks. Sometimes it is a poem or a limerick, other times just a simple sentence thanking me for some aspect of the car. He has really gotten creative on several days — it is fun to see him enter into the spirit of the thing and to put some effort into giving thanks.

Here was his first offering:

There once was a girl named Wanda,
who had a nice little Honda.
She drove through the town,
and married a clown,
and moved away to Uganda.

I was very moved by Wanda’s loyalty to her Ugandan clown, but I worry about shipping costs — Did her parents approve of her choice of the young clown? Or was there bad feeling, which precipitated the move? You can see that in some ways, this limerick raised more questions than it answered — but I was definitely gripped by the story line. Sadly, Wanda failed to appear in subsequent editions, so we’ll never know if Wanda was happy as a young bride in Uganda.

Now I am trying to persuade Kathy to lend her support to buying a new Corolla, a car I’ve always wanted to own.

When I was 17, a friend loaned me his stick-shift Corolla for two weeks, hoping that I would buy it from him. I could never raise the money, but ever since I’ve wanted to have (and drive) a sporty little car like that Corolla. Kathy says that a new car loses too much of its value, when you drive it off the lot, she mentioned how she even had to get a windshield replacement in cincinnati oh a few months after buying her brand new car. But I’m thinking that I really would like to have a car that I don’t need to worry about repairing, at least for a few years, I guess she wasn’t lucky enough.

I’ll keep you posted on my sales campaign against Kathy’s frugality. Feel free to comment on the relative merits of a new car over a used one, as long as you’re on my side. Comments arguing in favor of used cars can expect to be mysteriously deleted or unapproved.

Project 365, Day 23

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5 thoughts on “Wanda’s Honda”

  1. That was a beautiful poem! I am thoroughly impressed! :D (I think it would be pretty cool if you bought a corolla) ;)

  2. if you buy used . . . you inherit someone else’s problems . . . there might be a reason they’re selling. Witness the door seals and trunk seal. Honestly, had no idea that was an issue . . . or I’m choosing to forget it. You are truly a novice in getting spousal permission aren’t you? A Corolla as a “sporty car”? Really? Even if it was (which it isn’t–look up Celica, regretfully not made anymore, or Scion’s FRS–now that’d be a nice ride), you never refer to it that way. Instead, it’s a fuel-efficient family car with a great maintenance record that could withstand a Mack truck’s onslaught.

  3. ahem… It’s not just K against new cars. Remember Mr. Ramsey? And … ahem… I see someone thinks this particular spouse is a real get-over for giving “permission”, but that’s a subject for another day! And Wanda’s clown might not have been young. And maybe they went as missionaries, clowning for children in refugee camps or hospitals. In which case they gave away their Honda to an impoverished high school or college student who, in exchange, adopted their cats which they couldn’t take with them to Uganda.

  4. You’re starting to wear my down, Tim. My resistance is lowering! :) I love you. I love that you want a Corolla and think it’s “sporty.” And I love that you went the extra distance (and paid the extra money) years ago to get me a RED van that I wanted instead of some boring blue or green color. You always take such good care of our family!

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