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One of the privileges of being a part of a homeschool co-op is the opportunity to impact a large group of kids. Every co-op is unique in how it runs its classes, curricula and programming. In ACTS, our current co-op home, if you are willing and available (and have a class that meets a need for the co-op), you can teach a class during one of the semesters. It is a challenging task to add to an already busy homeschooling life, but what an honor!

These five kiddos are, of course, my favorite students (sporting shirts from Thailand and probably the last time they were in “stair step” height).

My favorite co-op kids in the whole wide world.

I remember when they were that size – circa 2010.

I have taught a strange variety of classes over the years. Usually they are things my children are interested in (Civil War, Minecraft, US Presidents, educational games) or things I’ve got a passion for (Peace Makers, public speaking, yearbook) or even areas where I feel homeschoolers should gain proficiency (PowerPoint, Publisher). Last year I ended up teaching several semesters of PE because I wanted Daniel to have a frisbee class and no one else was available to teach. That was the biggest stretch (rivaling my Minecraft class) as I am NOT athletic and don’t have any talent or gifting in leading PE games. In all honesty, Daniel pretty much ran both the Minecraft and the PE classes.

Thanks, Daniel!

You would trust him with your homeschool kids, wouldn't you?

You would trust him with your homeschool kids, wouldn’t you?

This semester I’ve somehow stumbled on a Leadership Class. It started out as a student government/leadership class, but the more I research and study and pray about leadership, the more I find myself developing a passion for really understanding and teaching about godly leadership. This week (our second) we are going to delve into the Proverbs for a look at wisdom, the foundation of any real leadership.

Just who are they sneaking up on?

Future leaders! Heading into battle?

Sword of the spirit - God's Word

Sword of the spirit – God’s Word

Several years ago Tim’s parents gave him the Maxwell Leadership Bible and it has sat perched on a shelf in our bedroom since then. I immediately thought of it as I began planning my syllabus. “Maybe that Leadership Bible will have something helpful in it.”

Stand at attention, my students!

Stand at attention, my students!

What a treasure! Principles, teaching, notes, all sorts of helpful material for, not only the class, but my personal study as well. Rounding out our look at Proverbs, I’ve got movie clips (from silly animations to serious film moments), team building activities, two TA’s who are incredibly helpful, and students who want to LEARN.



It’s going to be a great semester. I’m praying for each of my students. Excited to see if God can breathe a passion for leadership into the reluctant learners and cast a vision for strong, servant leadership into those who are natural born leaders already.

Project 365 – Day 22

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3 thoughts on “Leadership Class”

  1. I love that Thailand t-shirt photo! But even more, I love the sound of that class. The leading of the Spirit as God opens doors of opportunity — so cool to walk that path!

  2. I really like the picture of the small/medium/large swords held in reverse-size order. Fun kids, fun pictures. :)

    I think your leadership class is going to be really good, this year. Thank you for your hard work in preparing for it!

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