An Unremarkable Day

As much as we try to live a life worthy of the blog, sometimes things are just quiet.

I worked from home today, and nothing really very interesting happened. A bunch of us are restarting our diet, so there wasn’t much culinary interest to the day. I briefly chatted with Joshua, and I helped Daniel craft a job application cover letter. After supper, Kathy and I attended our Small Group, which was ably-led by my co-leader Dave, but I didn’t take any pictures.

Now it is almost 10 pm, and Kathy (who is off picking up her dear friend from the airport) texts me: “Don’t forget to blog.”

She’s entirely relentless about this Project 365 thing. It is astounding to me how often my turn comes up, and how rarely I have anything profound to say.

Fortunately, David and Sarah saved the day with some goofiness in the kitchen, as they washed the dishes. Listening to the two of them sing and have fun with the dishes, I am very thankful that silliness and laughter are a big part of our family dynamic.

I think these two are a few ice cubes short of a full tray.

I think these two are a few ice cubes short of a full tray.

Tonight at our Bible study we were talking about stewardship, and I had a chance to reflect on the areas in my life where God has appointed me a steward. I manage my children, my job responsibilities, and help out with several different ministries at church. My money, possessions and time are all not really ‘mine’, but I am a partner with God in using those resources for His glory.

Clearly I need to spend more time being a steward of my two youngest children.

Project 365, Day 82

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