Young and Old

Sometimes the cleaning falls on older, ahem, more experienced hands. And other times there is room for the younger generation to help.

David, Tarah, and Sarah - my cleaning crew!

David, Tarah, and Sarah – my cleaning crew today!

Poor Tarah, whenever she comes over, invariably we put her to work. I think, just once, she’d like to spend the night when the house is already clean. I can just imagine it:

Sarah: Hi, Tarah! What are you doing?
Tarah: Nothing, just watching tv. My mom’s out shopping.
Sarah: Oh, cool, do you want to come over? We’re hanging out.
Yeah! That sounds great. Oh wait, [stalling for time] I think I left something in your room last week. Did you find it?
Sarah: I did. It’s right by the front door. I found it a couple of days ago.
Tarah: Good. So, you found it…when you were, um, cleaning? You were cleaning your room? Like, it’s all picked up?
Sarah: Yeah, my mom made me clean it yesterday.
Tarah: Nice! I mean, oh, that’s a bummer. Moms are so annoying.
Sarah: I know. We had to clean the living room too.
Tarah: Really? So, like your house is all clean now?
Sarah: Yes.
Tarah: Wait, the whole house?
Sarah: Yes.
Tarah: The WHOLE house? I’m just curious. You know, cause I love to talk about cleaning. Like, is the kitchen clean? Did you do the dishes already?
Sarah: We did them this morning.
Tarah: Boy, your mom is making you work hard. Did you vacuum too? And dust? Just wondering.
Sarah: Wow, you’re really into the details today.
Tarah: Heh heh.
Sarah: We did the whole house. We just have the two bathrooms left to do.
Tarah: That’s great. You guys worked hard. Um, so when will you finish the bathrooms? I’m just asking.
Sarah: We have to work right now.
Tarah: Now, now? Not later, like when I get there? You’re doing it now?
Sarah: Yeah.
Tarah: Okay, I think I can come over.

Sarah to Me: Boy, Tarah really wanted to know how clean our house was before she came over. She doesn’t usually care if it’s clean or messy.
Me: That Tarah, what a kidder!
Sarah: Now that I think about it, I guess we did make her clean last time.
Me: [under my breath] You mean the last five times.

Too pretty a day to take pictures inside.

Too pretty a day to take pictures inside.

Thankfully Tarah is practically part of the family and doesn’t mind being one of the slaves helpers. Or at least, she hides it well and works cheerfully.

Besties for so many years!

Besties for so many years!

We got all sorts of things done today – vacuuming, dusting, loads of dishes (ran the dishwasher twice!), laundry, fresh sheets on at least three beds, all the surfaces tidied and put away, etc.

When Daniel came home he cleaned the upstairs bedroom and washed more dishes and even snuck in a quick haircut before we all went to the Saturday evening Easter service.

Thank you, kids, for working so patiently, cheerfully, and without any grumbling! You all are the best.

Tomorrow we will celebrate with Tim’s parents. So nice to have family in the area. We’ll miss Joshua and Rachel as well as aunts and uncles, cousins, and siblings who are in Michigan and Virginia and Georgia. Our thoughts will be with them. Wish we could be together!

Praises on this Easter Weekend!
Sunday is Coming!

Project 365 – Day 94

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