Off Kilter

Kathy and I have both been burning the midnight oil, lately, and so we’ve gotten off a bit in our blogging. Now we’re a day behind, and I don’t know what to do. Should I post today, but revise the post date and call it ‘yesterday’? I don’t have very many pictures from yesterday — I was really busy at AWANA last night, wearing multiple hats (several of our leaders were out of town).

Should I stage a picture and pretend it was taken yesterday? Or maybe I should take a picture of something that isn’t date-sensitive, so it doesn’t really matter when it was taken?

Difficult ethical dilemmas, these.

When I first started working for my current employer, I brought in several poster-sized pictures of my children so I could remember them and pray for them while I was at work. This montage is one of my favorites. Although the kids (and adults) have all gotten much older since then, these pictures really capture their quintessential nature.

Round up the usual suspects ...

Round up the usual suspects …

I am SO thankful for my family.

Project 365, Day 119 (or possibly 120)

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3 thoughts on “Off Kilter”

  1. So precious to have those photos as the years go by. I walk into Michael’s office and see photos of the 29 yo as a 6 yo and I’m instantly “there.” We are learning to live NOW in the present, but there are days our hearts ache to have all 9 home again…..more so as number 6 prepares to graduate.

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