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On Saturday, we went out to the our house in the Duckabush to clear out our shed, which may be needed during Wilderness Northwest Camp week, coming up in late July. With so many families attending, a few of the older boys may need the shed as housing for the week.

We brought a whole van-load home, much to Kathy’s dismay (she’s been clearing out our garage for the past week). We threw away a lot of junk (after all, if we haven’t needed it in ten years, how important is it?) but some things just couldn’t be discarded.

One bin was marked “Tim’s Memories” which I found very intriguing. Today, Kathy went through it, and found (buried under some old Army field jackets) this treasure:

A valuable note from my best friend's wife.

A valuable note from my best friend’s wife.

Apparently, about 26 years ago this last March, I set off from Fort Bragg, North Carolina — headed for Northern Virginia to stand up with my friend Phil at his wedding. I wrecked my car about an hour into the trip, and took a train instead, but made it in time to help Phil and Deb get ready for their big day. At the time, eating salad was not my favorite, and so (when I had to eat salad at the reception) I extracted this note from the new bride. It makes me laugh to think that this was probably the first thing she wrote with her new name (except maybe signing the wedding certificate).

To whom it may concern:
Tim Edgren was a good boy today. He got Phil to the church on time and with all the necessary arrangements for us. He also ate his salad, so he is exempt from touching lettuce again for 6 months!
Thanks, Debbi Dickerson

Happily, in all the excitement of her wedding day, Deb forgot to date the note, so I can use and re-use it to get me out of eating salads, pretty much forever.

I miss you, Phil and Debbie! Thanks for being my friend!

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