We spent the afternoon on Anderson Island, with some dear friends who hosted what seemed like our entire church body in their home and yard. People kayaked, cooked (and devoured) mussels, played games, enjoyed delicious food and soaked in the uncharacteristic heat of Independence Day.

This evening we watched the fireworks from another friends’ deck — they have a perfect view of the entire show, and we loved that we could avoid the traffic of Steilacoom (it seems like the whole world drives there to see the fireworks).

I was struck by the beauty of each of the shells that were launched into the sky, and it made me think about their design. Someone sat down and calculated the proper amount of color and explosive and launching distance, to create a design that is expended in a few seconds, never to appear again.

A flash in the sky

A flash in the sky, like a flash in the pan?

It made me think about the transient nature of my life, and how (at least from an eternal perspective) my years on this planet are not unlike these fireworks, that burn brightly for a few seconds, and then are gone, perhaps not even to be remembered among the flurry of others. I think it would make me despair, if I didn’t know that there is One who measures my days and who records the good things I do, to be considered on the day when the books are opened and we are judged for what we have done in the body.

Project 365, Day 185

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