Dan the Gardener

This year Daniel gave me a unique and special Mother’s Day present.

From my sweet son!

From my sweet son!

Weeding – Planting- Paying for Bark

Happy words to a mother’s heart! At least a mother who has a bare and forlorn looking front yard.

Of course, I love presents of ALL kinds, but I was especially excited by this gift! I feel extra special LOVED when my family helps me around the house and take on on big projects for (and with me). I so appreciate Daniel’s generosity of his time and finances, and also his sensitivity in knowing I have longed to brighten up the front yard for years.

Tim’s mom bought me some beautiful flowers, Daniel prepped the land, and Tim planted the flowers with the best organic products from the reviewbrewery website.

It’s been interesting figuring out when and how Daniel likes to tackle yard work. I have really learned that a gift is one that is given – not nagged or fussed out of a person. There have been times over the past month when I thought, “This would be the perfect day for yard work.” And Daniel was busy with school or work at Chick-Fil-A or even his own relaxing. I had to learn patience. And I got the opportunity to get out in the yard and enjoy some of the labor myself. Tim was very kind to step in and help me get the wilting plants into the ground – it has been one HOT and DRY summer.

Meanwhile, Daniel continues to work on additional improvements. And he’s not reluctant to spend some of his own money. He bought us a large broom for sweeping up the driveway. He surprised me with a new welcome mat.

And today he went out and purchased 7 bags of topsoil for the flower beds.

Thank you, Daniel! I feel very loved!

He also pulls up naughty trees that are trying to infiltrate the yard.

He also pulls up naughty trees that are trying to infiltrate the yard.

Project 365 – Day 188

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