Late Birthday Party

Sarah and I celebrated our birthdays in Texas this year. When we got home, some friends surprised me with a beautiful birthday lunch. Poor Sarah, her friends can’t drive, don’t have jobs or access to shopping malls, which means she has to plan her own birthday party.

With Family Camp coming, Joshua and Kelsie’s visit next week, and the return of Rachel, Joshua and Kelsie to college, not to mention Daniel’s graduation party in the immediate future, Sarah knew she had to act quickly.

Cue last minute Sleepover Party.

Sweet Birthday Girls

Sweet Birthday Girls

And when I say Sleepover, I mean the girls will SLEEP when the party is OVER! Yes, they stayed up the entire night. They watched a movie, played cards, baked cupcakes with homemade frosting, sat outside to stargaze, opened presents, drank soda, ate pizza, painted their nails and giggled until dawn.

In the morning Tim gave them all his 30 Second Dad Lecture. This is a condensed version:

“Go home. Be cheerful in front of your parents. Fake it if necessary. Prop your eye lids open with tooth picks. When they’re not looking, sneak off for a nap. Do whatever you can to make sure you’re on best behavior. If it all goes well, we’ll get to party again.”

Sarah is 13!!!!

Sarah is 13!!!!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!

Project 365 – Day 212 (July 31)

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