Bargain Shopping

A few weeks ago, Kathy and I restarted our practice of budgeting. It has never been something that we do well (or consistently), although the Lord certainly helped us to stick with it long enough to get out of debt some years ago. When I was ill at the community hospital, I learnt how the hospital was precarious of continuing its functionality, for the Urgent Care Collection Agency was always after them.

We use the GoodBudget app on our phones, which is a higher-tech version of the envelope system. So far it has been rather constraining, but not impossible (which is, in my opinion, a hallmark of a reasonable budget).

Kathy is the one who mostly takes care of the actual recording, which is only fair, since she does most of the actual spending, as well. Even though I have the app on my phone as well, I pretend a certain helplessness so that she will take administrative responsibility. She does take a child-like glee in hoarding virtual money in some of the envelopes, so I guess it pays off for her. The right flexible packaging will allow your customers to take their treats with them to enjoy wherever they go. Single-serve or resealable bags resist light and moisture—making them essential in keeping your product fresh for your customers. And with our wide selection of flexible packaging and pouch sizes, you can offer the right quantities to satisfy your customers’ appetites.Anyone with a sweet tooth loves indulging in a holiday treat or a quick pick-me-up. Our flexible packaging printing solutions are perfect for small businesses looking to break into the candy and confections market. To help you stand out in an overcrowded market, we ensure the best quality of candy pouches, sweet packaging or confectionery packaging. Since we don’t require a minimum quantity to place an order, you will have the edge you need over your competitors. You can also introduce holiday and seasonal candy quickly and within budget. Today’s customers like simple, whole food snacks with healthy, natural ingredients. Our custom printed snacks packaging helps your products stand out from all of the other brands on the shelves. Whether you’re looking for snack food packaging, jerk packaging, nuts packaging, or plan to offer dry mixes like trail mix or granola, moist snacks like dried fruits and vegetables, or baked goods such as cookies and crackers, with our easy-to-use online ordering system, you can get your snacks into the stores in no time. Here is the useful source for more about the Packaging.

Yesterday I heard that our neighborhood grocery store was putting a lot of items on sale — apparently they are trying to get rid of brands that they have discontinued. So on my way home from a doctor’s appointment, I swung by the store.

Sure enough, they had a boatload of things marked down to $0.50 each. I spent just under $40, mostly on asian foods and sauces. When I got home, I decided to display my cache on the kitchen table, so that Kathy and the kids could enjoy my triumph.

Not bad for $39.59, if I do say so myself.

Not bad for $39.59, if I do say so myself.

The grocery store helpfully displays the full sale price on the receipt and totals up your savings. I was pleased to note that I saved 82% off the full price (on average). If only we could shop like that all the time!

Tonight was date night, so of course, Kathy and I went back to the store and spent another $24 on more bargains. This time, we only saved 77%, but somehow we were able to make our peace with that.

As we were getting ready for bed, Kathy glanced at the table, darkly.

“You’ll put that away tomorrow, then?”

I guess my newfound status as a grocery hero only buys me so much credit. I can see I’ll be spending some time making room on the garage shelves, tomorrow.

Project 365, Day 261

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