Fresh Spring Rolls

By Sarah

Today, for my special day with Dad, we set up a bank account for me and went to the store on a mission. Our mission was to buy ingredients for homemade spring rolls. Our hope was that we could make homemade peanut sauce and spring rolls to surprise Mom. But, when we received the call that she was coming home, we decided to let her in on our secret.

As soon as she got home, she jumped with joy at seeing the ingredients arrayed out on the counter and we quickly explained our plan. She pounced on our plan with excitement and we got to work. We soon finished making the peanut sauce and started on readying the rice paper. We laid the rice paper in warm water and waited… Faster than we thought, the rice paper softened and we laid it softly on a dry towel. All the spring roll fixings were not so neatly put on the counter; lettuce, cilantro, baby shrimp, shredded carrots, and Thai basil.

Spring roll fixings

Spring roll fixings

We assembled, ate, assembled some more, and even more eating, and finally most of us were full. MOST of us. Mom, well just wasn’t quite. She could eat those for days and never grow tired of them.

Mom with her fresh spring rolls

Mom with her fresh spring rolls

Mom eating her beloved spring rolls

Mom eating her beloved spring rolls

Well, I must say that these spring rolls were a huge success and I wouldn’t be surprised if we made some more tomorrow.

Project 365 – Day 269

Ps. Oh and eventually Mom filled up on spring rolls and reluctantly tore herself away from the kitchen, so no need to worry about her.

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3 thoughts on “Fresh Spring Rolls”

  1. It was a very fun project. Considering that our favorite restaurant ordinarily charges $7 for 4 of these, and we can make them for a fraction of that amount, I’d say we’ve added an appetizer to our repertoire that will save us a lot of money. Thanks for sharing your Special Day ™ with Mom, Sarah!

  2. Sarah, you described your Special Day and spring rolls so well. You are already a better cook than I will ever be. Nice thing to do for your mom. Keep up the good work.

  3. I love everything about this post -your special day with your Dad and the way you blessed your Mom with fresh spring rolls. They look wonderful. I think you’ve motivated me to search out a recipe and ingredients.

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