Fresh Starts

This morning Tim and I snuck away for a little date. Our church offers a worship service on Saturday nights, and we went last night before our big New Years Eve party, leaving this Sunday morning, Jan 1st, quiet and peaceful. 

I was given the January Starbucks mug for Christmas  (free brewed coffee or tea every day in Jan), and Tim wanted to take me out for my first cup. 

Coke Zero for Tim and dark roast blend for me. 

We had a sweet time talking about 2017 – some goals, plans for the month of January, and ideas for the blog. This will be our 25th year of marriage and 13th year of blogging. We’ve ranged from 4 blog posts last year (blush) to 405 in 2007 (wow).

We write mainly for our family – to chronicle our days and capture the special (and ordinary) moments. And we write to sharpen our thinking and express the truths the Lord reveals to us and honor Him in return. 

We are still reflecting and pondering how we will structure our family blog this year, but we have definitely committed to writing faithfully. 

May this new year be filled with joy, laughter, wonder, delight, mystery and growth. 


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4 thoughts on “Fresh Starts”

  1. Looking forward to some of your insightful posts and Tim’s humorous ones (NOT saying that you aren’t humorous or that Tim is not insightful … au contraire) ????

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