Pretty in Pink

This weekend a dear friend passed along an adorable little pink hat and scarf for Sarah. In a moment of shyness or stubbornness Sarah refused to try on or even acknowledge the accessories at J’s house (of course). The next morning, however, she suddenly decided they were the most wonderful thing and even wore the combo to bed. Today I was looking through the girls’ closet, picking out a Sunday dress for Sarah, and I came upon her sweet pink dress. I realized it was a perfect match for the hat and scarf and decided she could wear the outfit to church.

January 2005 (13).jpg
Our sweet pink 2 ½ year old girl.

Sarah loved the whole ensemble and went around the house telling everyone, “I’m Beautiful!” It wasn’t entirely a sign of vain pride as I had said it to her several times. Ha! And to her credit, she immediately followed it up with, “and David is handsome.” We read a book last week in school called The 13 Clocks by James Thurber. In it the beautiful maiden was named Princess Saralinda. Rachel and I both fell in love with that name and think it’s perfect for our very own Sarah Lucinda.

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