Where do the pictures go??

Tim and I are having the strangest time keeping our pictures up on the blog. For some reason, every few days the pictures seem to disappear. How odd is that!?! Thankfully Tim can always seem to restore them. I suspect he is going to need to put in some time this weekend, digging around, to figure out the problem (and solve it).

Sweet Sarah
Sarah in her pretty butterfly dress

Silly Sarah
Nice close up of Sarah’s teeth!

We went on a fun field trip today and I took a TON of pictures. Of course, these silly ones of Sarah are from earlier this week but I couldn’t resist including them–she’s a character!

I am a bit reluctant to blog about our train field trip if the photos aren’t going to stay in their designated spot. I’ll toss one out there just to keep things interesting. The rest will have to come this weekend.

KathyTrain Kiddos

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