Snoqualmie Train Ride

On Thursday, of last week, we went up to Snoqualmie to the Northwest Railway Museum. We joined several other families from our homeschooling co-op. It was a long drive out to Snoqualmie/North Bend. We passed Tim’s office on the highway—we all waved and waved. Tim was on the cell phone and could see us driving past. Nice to see where he works, even if we only got a glimpse from the road. I was amazed, once again, that Tim is willing to drive all the way up towards Seattle every day. I am very thankful for this good job and a cheerful, hard working husband.

Snoqualmie is beautiful. The downtown area was very picturesque. The kids were excited to see the trains along the side the road. We joined up with our group and had a picnic lunch before it was time to begin our program. David was very dismayed to discover there were several activities scheduled before the actual train ride. We had a session on the signs and signals of railroad communication—there were all sorts of different types of devices on hand for the children to see. Next we had a locomotive cab tour.

Rachel climbs on the train

Groups of 10 people climbed into an old train cab and looked over the controls and switches. Finally we had a history lesson on the importance of railroads in small town life and Northwest history.

Joshua listening hard
Joshua listens intently

The older children did beautifully in all the teaching sessions—they listened quietly and attentively. David and Sarah, on the other hand, posed for some great pictures. They weren’t exactly captivated by the history lessons. The school train experience is geared toward fourth graders, not preschoolers (no matter how precocious).


At long last we were ready to board the train. The train rides about 2 ½ miles and then returns to the depot. The trip takes about 30 or 35 minutes. The scenery was beautiful and we were able to see the new conservation and renovation center that is almost completed.

After our train adventure we drove a little further up the road to see the Snoqualmie Falls. There is a nice parking lot with a bridge across to the visitor center at the falls. The children were stunned and amazed at the breathtaking beauty of the falls. It was clearly one of the highlights of the field trip.

Snoqualmie Falls

Washington is such a beautiful state. I was once again struck by the wonder of God’s creation and delighted to be able to share in some of it.

Our group in front of the falls

Here we are standing by the falls–which you, unfortunately, can’t see at all.

Here are comments from the children:

Joshua—the Snoqualmie Falls was the best part of the trip. The history teaching on the railway was interesting. It was fun being with friends from our homeschooling co-op.

Rachel—I liked seeing the horses while we were on the train. I especially loved seeing the river. It was fun going up into the conductor’s engine room. The Snoqualmie Falls were gorgeous.

A view of the river from the train

Daniel—I liked going to see the falls. It was great going with friends! Riding on the train was fun. I liked going into the engine room of an old train—got to flip some switches. I even got to pull the horn/whistle.

Daniel and buddy
Daniel and a friend

David—I liked going over the bridge on the train. I got to sit in my own seat and look out the window as the train moved.

David on the train

Sarah—The water fall was pretty. I sat by David on the train and looked out the window.

Sarah on the train


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