4 thoughts on “Project 365 – Day 22 (Mon-J)”

  1. This blog seems really to capture what I thought Project 365 was all about. Elegant in its simplicity, this one says it all! :)

  2. Yeah. It’s short – and the picture is great, but not much about Joshua and it is, after all, his special blog day. Don’t mean to be critical. But I like them longer. Will actually start commenting, from time to time. Just haven’t had the chance. The two birthday blogs were great.

    Biggest plus, to us grandparents, is getting the pictures on the blogs. It’s a good thing you can type fast, Kathy. It would take me forever.

    Best wishes to you, beloved grandson Joshua, on this your special blog day. Grandma and I love you. Grandpa

  3. You are absolutely right, G’pa!! Way too short. It did, at least, have a picture of the Special Day boy. Ha! I used up all my creative, writing energies with the birthday blogs. I need to start writing earlier in the day if I’m going to both fit sleep and blogging into my schedule. LOL!

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