P365 – Day 51 (Sarah Cleans)

Sometimes you have long hours in which to think up creative and witty blogs. Other times life intrudes (the nerve) and you actually have to make meals, do dishes, and teach school. Sigh. This was one of those days. The entire day went by with nary a picture taken. Gasp. It looked like Tuesday would come to a close with no picture in sight.

Thankfully Sarah stepped forward and did something note (or photo) worthy. Finally some inspiration for today’s blog.

sarah and the wipes

Yes, it was bedtime and she was supposed to be tucked away under covers but we can overlook a great deal when there are disinfective wipes in hand.

Sarah has taken great ownership of the kids’ upstairs bathroom. This is the second or third time I’ve found her cleaning it – WITHOUT BEING ASKED. Really, this is unheard of among my children. They are wonderful helpers but there is usually prodding, money or candy involved in some way shape or form.

Here Sarah works away straightening up the counter. Must have those cups in a proper line.

cups in line

Her entire day was made when I came by and offered to let her wash the mirror. Ah, it’s a privilege to bring such joy to my children. “Gasp! I can clean the mirror LIKE THAT?” she said as I boosted her up onto the countertop with paper towel and Windex in hand. It did make me pause, just a bit, to wonder what OTHER ways she was cleaning the mirror. But there was no time for reflection it was time to scrub.

sarah's mirror

There’s something so sweet about a little one helping with chores around the house (especially in her purple pajamas). Look how she lives out the verses in Proverbs 31:

She sets about her work vigorously;
her arms are strong for her tasks.

You are an inspiration to us all, Sarah.

Later on Tim took the boys off for some sit ups and push ups instructions (those Army days are never too far away). It also would have made for a great blog but I was settled under the covers with my BSF lesson in hand and couldn’t be budged. Next time.


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9 thoughts on “P365 – Day 51 (Sarah Cleans)”

  1. How funny that you were doing BSF.. I had just come home from our monthly Ladies Night Out (it was dinner and craft night at someone’s home) and NONE of the 3 ladies who do BSF had done their lessons!! They were all moaning & laughing over the fact that it was 10:30 p.m. and no one had done their lesson yet! Are we women, procrastinators or what?? ha!

  2. We’ve always had trouble with bedtimes, and the kids have learned how to work the system. Daniel routinely stays up late by being willing to ‘help out’ in the kitchen, and David has occasionally avoided his bedtime by doing a little ‘picking up’ around the house. So, it is fitting that Sarah would carry on the tradition — funny that I thought she was up to some naughty mischief, in the bathroom with the door closed for so long. She is a sweet girl with a kind and generous heart.

  3. Posie–ah, the great BSF procrastination. It’s a well-known phenomena. Hard to make yourself keep up with the lesson DAILY. I don’t know that I’ve EVER done it. I should keep my mouth shut as my BSF leader might be reading this blog.

    Forget I ever said anything.

    Back to your regular programming.

  4. Hurrah for Sarah. What a sweet granddaughter to be hepling Mommy with cleaning – and especially the bathroom. Glad you got some pictures Kathy. The day may come when Sarah will need to be reminded of her helpful spirit when she was 4. But for now, enjoy it while you can. And, hopefully, that spirit of helpfulness will persist throughout Sarah’s lifetime.
    I love that “helpful little girl. Grandpa

  5. I have been impressed, lately, with how helpful both David and Sarah are. Last week the two of them cleaned out the van, pretty much by themselves (Joshua went in and did a little ‘supervising’). They each took a paper bag and picked up trash and brought in all the misc. junk that had been piling up. So nice to have another pair of helpers on hand.

  6. It’s especially sweet when the youngest wants to help the oldest do his punishment (stacking wood!!) just because he wants to help! That kind of helping is sweet; the other kind of “helping” – “let me help you make a bigger mess” is less desirable….

  7. How sweet, Posie! I love seeing the kids work together. Yes, the “helping” as in “let’s make a fort of gargantuan proportions and use every single blanket, pillow and chair in the house, not to mention all the heavy books to hold the blankets (precariously) in place” is NOT so helpful. Not that I know anything about that kind of playing. Of course, in OUR house the darling children ALWAYS pick up after themselves. They would never, say, leave the aforementioned fort in the middle of the living room for days on end until someone (let’s call her MOM) goes crazy and loses all sense of balance and cheerfulness and rated G mouth (just kidding about that last one). Heh, heh.

  8. TOO CUTE! I remember when our oldest dd used to LOVE to clean the bathroom… of course that was when it didn’t involve cleaning the toilets… it IS fun to clean the mirrors and rearrange the things on the countertop! Now she’s older and ALL of the bathroom must be cleaned.

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