P365 – Day 73 (Sarah & the dolls)

I came home this afternoon to find Sarah happily playing on the dining room floor. She had doll clothes spread everywhere and at least three dolls positioned in a circle near her.

sarah's dolls

My immediate reaction was to feel so proud of Rachel. Strange, I know, since it was Sarah on the floor playing. I do confuse the children (especially when I’m calling them – “David, Daniel, Schmedlap, whatsyername, get in here!”) but this wasn’t an example of motherly befuddlement. Rachel and Sarah stayed home sick with Tim while the other kids were out and about. I knew that if Sarah had all these dolls around, with Rachel nearby reading her book, it meant that Rachel had given her gracious permission. All but one of the dolls belonged to Rachel.

It is true that Rachel is a bit old to be playing with dolls and dress-up clothes but, sadly enough, she’s not too old to deal with selfishness and the desire to enforce her ‘rights’ of property ownership. I don’t think I’ve met a person who’s “grown out” of that little (or, perhaps not so insignificant) character flaw.


Rachel is a wonderful big sister to both David and Sarah. She reads to them, helps meet their needs during meals, and is cheerful and silly in play. Still, it is difficult to have a little sister who wants to play with ALL of your toys, almost ALL of the time.

So, if Rachel was reading in Big Blue and Sarah was nearby playing with Rachel’s dolls and her doll clothes, this was a beautiful moment of sisterly love. I was so proud to recognize some real maturity on Rachel’s part, to see her entrust her sister with some of her treasures.

Taking a little license with Proverbs 22:8:

A generous man [SISTER] will himself [HERSELF] be blessed, for he [SHE] shares his food [HER DOLLS] with the poor [LITTLE SISTER].

I’m proud of you, Rachel, for being kind and generous with Sarah today!


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7 thoughts on “P365 – Day 73 (Sarah & the dolls)”

  1. Yea, Rachel!! How blessed you are to have a sister and to be a sister. Not everyone does, you know!! It’s a true gift and one not to be taken lightly! Much joy, some challenges, but life-long love!! Hooray.

    Love you Edgrens! Aunt Kate

  2. Oh Samuel, you are too funny and yet honest! It truly is a great moment when siblings voluntarily share that coveted item without resentment!!!!!

  3. Sarah does have a beautiful smile! I don’t know that she smiles all day long but I would say she knows how to pose for the camera. Ha! Of course, with a mama that is forever snapping pictures, how could she not? :)

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