P365 – Day 74 (The Flu)

I’m trying to think of something interesting or amusing to write about the flu that has invaded our home. Maybe funny isn’t really the right way to approach the flu, but I try to make these blogs readable and entertaining if possible. Hmmm. Thankfully we’re NOT facing the stomach flu or the blog would highly unreadable, rather gross with nary a picture in sight.

sick day

Bunch of sickkos watching movies!

Tim (probably hit the hardest) told me I had better be kind in what I write since I’m sure to be sick next. He said there isn’t anything funny about the flu (can you tell he’s still in the throes of it?). Oh, he and Joshua finally decided if your enemy got the flu it would be funny.

In weak, rather pathetic voices, they discussed the idea of an enemy being sick. Not their usual animated selves. Normally Joshua would be on the floor, laughing, as Tim went on and on describing the plight of a sick enemy. It’s sad to see Tim in such a weakened condition, unable even to make real jokes.

Then Joshua, in a moment to make any homeschooling mom happy said, “But remember what Proverbs says about laughing at your enemy.” I tried, frantically, to remember what Proverbs says about enemies. Finally I gave up and nonchalantly grabbed the keyboard to hit my favorite Bible website, www.biblegateway.com, to track down the actual verse. Hey, he’s 13, his memory is fresher than mine!

Do not gloat when your enemy falls; when he stumbles, do not let your heart rejoice, or the LORD will see and disapprove and turn his wrath away from him. Proverbs 24:17-18

Oooo, I don’t think anyone here wants God to disapprove of us. Thanks for the reminder, Joshua. Excellent job of paying attention during our devotional time. Warms my heart!

At some point I looked around the house on Thursday, sick kids everywhere, and declared it a Sick Day. I know when to give in to the inevitable. Tim stayed home from work and moved from the couch to bed and back, at a slow, rather pathetic pace.

Daniel was on the floor when I got up in the morning. He said it was the worst night of his life (how quickly we forget those nights in the hospital, last year, recovering from an appendectomy) and that he hadn’t slept at all.

daniel sleeping

Catching a few winks on the couch.

David looked up from his bed, cheeks pink and feverish, and asked if he could stay in bed a little longer. Uh, okay. Not your usual 6 year old behavior. Sarah and Rachel were also sick.


Rachel grabbed a laptop and had her own personal movie time.

Only Joshua and I were free from the flu yuckies. We resigned ourselves to suffering along with the others in an afternoon movie break. Nothing like watching High School Musical to cheer you up – all those fun songs.

I did some reading with Sarah and David and then let them watch another movie. I don’t want to think about how many movies they watched during their sick days.

movie trio

Tim is sick himself so he’s HIGHLY sympathetic to the children’s woes and moans. He keeps telling me to take good care of them and bring them medicine and let them watch movies and play games. Nothing like feeling a bit ill yourself to increase your compassion.

I finally left the sick house and went to the Y for a workout. Sometimes a girl needs to know when to jump ship. Since everyone was ill (except for Joshua, who is old enough to fend for himself) there wasn’t a strong call for dinner. When I returned, it didn’t look like the children had budged from their movie viewing spots. I made myself a salad and handed out medicine according to age, size and symptom.

Tim says the flu is a good way to jump start a diet. I’m not sure that’s a diet I would particularly recommend, but he’s obviously trying to look on the bright side. Friends tell me the flu lasted 4 or 5 days in their house. Hmmm, when you have 7 people and the cases of flu are staggered out, overlapping here and there, how long does that mean we’ll be sick??


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6 thoughts on “P365 – Day 74 (The Flu)”

  1. Well, I tried the ‘Bronchitis Diet’ back in ’03 (lost 17 pounds in 5 weeks!), and I can’t say I’d recommend that one, especially since I put it all back on in the following two months. This diet seems a bit more trendy, but perhaps without the same dramatic impact. It is sort of fun wandering around the house with the briskness of a crippled sloth, peering dully at my surroundings with a self-absorbed, inner look on my face, oozing and hacking. Oh, wait, no it isn’t.

    The boys are out playing with remote-control cars, and even I have finally read my e-mail. As Kathy’s good friend J says, “The last day of recovery is nice — you’re still sick enough to justify laying around all day, but you’re well enough to enjoy it.”

  2. I hope you’re all getting better now. We had something last week too but it wasn’t the flu, it did keep kids in bed and half awake watching movies for the second half of the week though.

  3. Thanks for all the get well wishes! I keep reminding myself of how healthy we have been this past year. I’ve pulled my little basket o’medicines out more times this weekend than I have in six months. Sigh. The kids are all getting better but still have nasty coughs. Is that the last thing to go? Tim continues to feel poorly. Joshua and I both have runny noses but are avoiding some of the other flu symptoms.

    Hopefully this week will see us all fully recovered!

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