P365 – Day 126 & 127 (Sick Children)

I would like to have witty or insightful things to post on the blog this evening but I don’t think it’s going to happen. I seem to be empty, or at least out of time and energy. I’m much too tired to stay awake and blog. Although sleep blogging is fun, what appears appropriate in the night is embarrassing the next morning (despite Joyce’s kind words about my blogging). So I am forcing myself to just post the pictures from yesterday and today with just a few words. Then I can get on to sleep.

david in his pj's

Just what is this boy doing outside in his pajamas at bedtime??? “One more game, Mom!!”

Sarah is sick. She came downstairs crying last night that her ear hurt. Oh dear! I can ignore lots of things (hoping they will go away on their own) but an ear infection actually needs real medication (not just the over the counter kind).

We went in to see the doctor, late this afternoon. He said she did indeed have ear troubles and had just ruptured her ear drum (he assured me that sounds far worse than it is). Ouch! There’s just no way that can be pleasant. The doctor and I began talking about strep throat and we both agreed a throat culture would be a good idea.

not sarah

This child is NOT Sarah but he is outside enjoying a snack.

Yup! Not only does little Sarah have an ear infection, she also has strep throat. My goodness. That is no fun! He said she’s highly contagious for two days. Oh, good, isn’t that lovely. Now what do I do about the friend who babysat Sarah today with her own two children playing with Sarah and two other friends from church over for the morning??? Lie, ignore it all, run away? These are all great suggestions, thanks!

Needless to say, Sarah got her antibiotics as did Joshua and Rachel. They both recently suffered from the same cold and sore throat (although perhaps not as severe). Sarah went to bed asking if she could sleep in our room. She wondered if I was going to sleep with Daddy this evening. Ha! She obviously wanted to score a spot on the comfy bed. Last night she and I slept on the couch downstairs until I heard Tim climb into the shower in the wee morning. At that point I told Sarah we were moving to better pasture lands and took off. The bed has never felt so wonderful.


This was BEFORE the pain hit Sarah. She could still smile easily.

Hopefully Sarah’s ear will begin to heal quickly. Thanks for praying for her.

pampered and cared for

Time for bed?


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7 thoughts on “P365 – Day 126 & 127 (Sick Children)”

  1. Speaking as someone who has had an eardrum ruptured herself… Yes, it is quite painful before the eardrum bursts. And then for the next few weeks you can’t hear very well and if you plug the good ear it sounds like you’re hearing sounds from under water. I hope Sarah gets better quickly.

  2. Oh Sarah, I’m so sorry you’re not feeling good. Our family will be praying for you. Feel better soon! ~Yvonne (and Matt, Andrew and Sam)

  3. Poor Sarah! That is no fun. Hopefully the meds will speed her on the way to recovery.

    We will be praying for her.

  4. Our oldest burst one of her eardrums once when she had an ear infection. I felt HORRIBLE about not taking her to the dr. She doesn’t seem to have suffered any long term consequences and I agree it does sound worse than it is, but I still know how horrible I felt about not taking her in sooner.

    You have a lot on your plate right now with sick kiddos and the loss of your friend’s dh. Praying you’ll have strength for your days ahead.

  5. Poor wee bairn!

    I ruptured an ear drum once as a child. Not nice, but it healed quickly.

  6. Katherine, who are these sweet blogging people?

    Get well, dear Sarah. I love you, Aunt Kate

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