Too tired to blog? Sleep Blogging.

I do most of my blogging late at night. The kids are in bed, the house is quiet and I have time to think and write. Since we moved the chairs around in the family room my ‘computer chair’ is now Cream Puff (the incredibly comfortable, leather recliner we bought from some friends). If I’m not careful I find myself drifting asleep while sitting at the computer, in the middle of typing. This, my friends, is not good.

There is a phrase for this phenomenon: blog sleeping or maybe even sleep blogging. It’s similar to sleep walking and sleep talking although potentially MUCH more embarrassing. When you walk or talk in your sleep, who sees or hears you? Your family (if they happen to wake). If you’re in college then perhaps the number is greater – roommates or other people in the dorm.

If you sleep blog, however, there is the potential for LOTS of people to witness it (I mean, there are 10′s of people who frequent this blog on a semi-regular basis). Not to mention the fact that the blog would be forever held in the cyber world.

Taking all of this into consideration, although I started a blog last night, loaded pictures, and even tried to be somewhat thoughtful, I couldn’t publish it. I was sleep blogging. I would type some and then recline into the plush depths of Cream Puff and fall asleep. I was afraid that I would wake in the morning, go to read the blog and find that all I had posted was blogging gibberish.

That would certainly elicit a few comments!

So, I had to face Joshua (“No blog this morning, Mom???”) and Tim. They are the early risers in the family and my faithful blog readers. Here’s the e-mail Tim sent me. Sigh.

Imagine my shock when I found no new blog on our website this morning. What could possibly have happened?

Abduction by space aliens?
No, I remember you were in bed when I left.
Power failure?
No, my alarm went off (curse it to the fiery inferno) just as I was getting back to sleep from my allergy attack.
Broke both hands at the wrists?
No, you would have woken me up to take you to the emergency room.

The mind boggles … I’m sure you’ll have a good answer for your outraged readers. :) Tim

The pressure, folks, the pressure.


*Edited to add picture


I was obviously missing my coffee last night when I was sleep blogging. A little caffeine can really perk up a blog.

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8 thoughts on “Too tired to blog? Sleep Blogging.”

  1. What? No pictures? What hypocrisy — oh, if I had a nickel for every time you criticized one of my blogs for not having enough pictures … I’d, er, have a lot of nickels.

    You see that some of us are very hard to please. :)

  2. You needn’t worry, Kathy. You could write hilarious blogs in your sleep, and we’d all love it! Write on!

  3. Thankfully there are people like Joyce out there to make up for snide comments coming from other, unnamed, people.

    I KNEW someone was going to mention the lack of pictures. All right, I think I can get Joshua to take a picture of me sitting in Cream Puff. Harrumph. The things we do to please our readership.

  4. LOL…you are too funny! Sitting in that chair could be very dangerous to my blogging. It looks so comfy! Do you have a wireless keyboard? That looks like a very relaxing way to work on the computer.

  5. Debbie – I do, in fact, have a wireless keyboard. That and a wireless mouse were one of my “big” presents this year at Christmas. That’s what you get for having a techie/programmer husband. :) Not complaining! I LOVE IT (the techie husband AND the wireless keyboard/mouse).

    The absolute worse was when I fell asleep WHILE on the phone with a friend. How embarrassing was that? Thankfully it was a sweet friend who loves me and was willing to forgive me. She also knew it was after midnight here and I was in Cream Puff with a cozy blanket and the lights off. Really, what was I thinking?

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