P365 – Day 117 (Homeschooling Co-Op Ends)

Well, last week was the homeschool co-op play and this week we ended the year of co-op with Friends and Family Night. There were 11 tables set up along the hallways, displaying work the students had completed throughout the semester.

display tables

david's class

We had our first ever graduation ceremony for two seniors, finishing their high school studies. The kids hugged friends, making plans to visit during the summer.

rachel's friends

Rachel made some great friends this year!

The moms/teachers high-fived each other, cheering the end of another successful semester. The drill team performed their award winning routine. The 1st-3rd grade puppet class gave us an amazing show to the Veggie Tales song, Where is my Hairbrush (a huge favorite in this household). Finally it was time to take everything down and say goodbye.

david helps

good bye civil war

posters be gone

David helped me take down the posters and papers from my Civil War class.

Thank you, board members, teachers, assistants and other hard-working members of the co-op, we appreciate all your devotion and service!! Until next year…

empty hallway

An empty hallway.


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2 thoughts on “P365 – Day 117 (Homeschooling Co-Op Ends)”

  1. AHHHH….I LOVED this post! We only have 3 Mondays left. We are finished on the 14th of May and that will be our End of Yer Celebration and graduation of 2 seniors! The seniors weren’t really “in” our co-op, but they are from co-op families so we’re including them! Can you email me some specifics of how you did the program with the seniors? I’m trying to figure that out in my mind at the moment. Is your co-op run by a father board or by the moms? Who was your MC? Hmmm… you might want to email me because I’m sure to have even more questions now that I see you had a graduation with your co-op end of year celebration

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