Vacationing Away

We’re having a wonderful, wonderful time. I think I’ve taken something like 700 pictures since we arrived in Michigan. Not to fear, gentle reader, I won’t be posting them all. :)

Although it’s tempting.

We’re staying in an incredible log cabin on Lake Michigan. The owners are friends of my parents and graciously kept this week free for our family’s vacation. Wow!! It’s gorgeous! There are about 40 steps down to the lake. The beach is perfect – sandy and warm with nary a person (or even boat) in sight. I’m still a bit in shock that we are situated in such a gorgeous spot for our vacation.

beach time

The kids have found a large rock down a little bit into the water. It has provided hours of “King of the Rock” fun.

A Huge, Sloppy, Thank You to the D’s for opening their home to us this week!!!!!!!

The only downside to this little piece of paradise is the utter lack of connectivity. No e-mail, no dial-up, no cell phone coverage, no high speed internet. I’m dying here. I knew blogging was an addiction but I didn’t realize how ugly withdrawal would look.

There’s the twitch of my mouse finger, rooting around for something to click.
The glazed look in my eyes as I stare at the screen that isn’t there.
Sentences that go half written in my mind but are never blogged.
Waking up in the night mumbling something about “unmoderated comments.”

It isn’t pretty.

Thankfully we got word that the library in town has wireless internet that you can access outside the building. This evening we drove down, grabbed some fried chicken at the local market and did some computer work.

Ahhh, it’s glorious.

Unfortunately I have 8 children here (my own five and my brother Dan’s three) who have a limited amount of patience for computing time (no matter how happy I look and the cookies that I hand out).

kayak time

Our hosts have two kayaks that are available for our use. The big kids have all tried it.

I’m trying to get an access number so I can connect via dial-up at the house.

Glad to be blogging again. Recharged!

Project 365 – Day 173

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2 thoughts on “Vacationing Away”

  1. More more. I need more pictures. The water is glorious, I miss it already. I miss the 8 kids and their parents and mostly my Cindy. WHAT FUN. AK

  2. UGH.. oh do I know the feeling of unconnectivity… is that a word? nonconnectivity? NO access!!!! I’ve also been known to spend time at the library while on vacation (LOL) and I’m the one who doesn’t even go to the library here at home! I didn’t fool that at all into thinking I was checking out a book… they all knew I was checking email.. pre blogging days… fortunately the last library I had to use was next to a grocery store so they shopped and I check email.

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