Beach Babes

Sarah and Aydia (my brother Dan’s youngest) have become as thick as thieves, kindred spirits, bosom buddies, best friends forever, and most definitely Beach Babes.

heading for the waves

Heading into the water.

Yesterday the wind blew across the lake and produced some nice waves for our swimmers. Sarah and Aydia discovered the thrill of jumping into the waves. They played and played and laughed hysterically in the “big waves.” I think they went almost 3 feet into the lake, holding hands the entire time.


Sarah and Aydia hit the waves.

Aydia, probably one of the most expressive 4 year olds I’ve ever met, told me:

“Aunt Kathy, today was the funnest day ever! Me and Sarah played in the waves and screamed and screamed.”

going again

“Come on, let’s do it again!”

Ah, to be four and enjoy the “funnest day ever.” Sounds good to me.

Project 365 – Day 176

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10 thoughts on “Beach Babes”

  1. Katherine, I could just feel the excitement and hear the laughter that only 4 yr olds can produce. What great pictures of the funniest day ever. Wonderful!

  2. Hey Kathy….
    Great pictures!!!! Looks like ya’ll are having a blast! Know that we miss you TONS and can’t wait for you to come home!!!
    Love you my friend!

  3. What fun! The girls are so adorable. Oh, to think that jumping into waves is the funnest ever. I think we adults set out standards way to high for what constitutes fun. I’m going to take a cue for the little girls and try and enjoy the simpler things.
    Enjoying your vacation.

  4. Hello!
    It looks like an amazing vacation! You aren’t missing much here as the weather has been crummy. See you in less than a week! Enjoy the remaining days with your family!

  5. Who is Michelle? And why are you going home to her? You have SO MANY friends, dear Katherine. Are they real or virtual??

    Precious beach pictures of the babes. Sarah is precious!! Aydia is a talker. What a FUN FUN time they are having together. Tonight is their last night. boo hoo.

    I love you. Aunt Kate

  6. Too cute about the girls. Isn’t that the best kind of cousin to have, one you love to see, bond with immediately, even if you don’t see each other often? They are blessed!

    I’m so thankful for the internet, where I can have cyber friends like you!

  7. Kathy, Don’t you want to just lock those memories of happy children up in your heart forever! Looks like the photos really captured the moment!

    Aunt Kate, I can’t speak for all those other people who comment but I’m not at all virtual, though I live in England and have never met Kathy! And the dirty dishes awaiting my attention right now look depressingly real too! LOL!

  8. They are having such a GREAT TIME! Our youngest is 4 now and you’re right… OH TO BE FOUR AGAIN!

  9. LOL to Aunt Kate…. You asked about *me* awhile back here on Kathy’s blog…. …. Michele, Debbie, Kristine, Dorothy…. we’re all cyber friends and fortunately a few of us have had been able to meet in person. I met Kathy once when I was in WA. I’ve also met Kristine in “real life” and hope to meet Dorothy, Debbie, and the others one day as well.

  10. Hi Kathy . . .that is the most adorable thing i have ever seen or heard! How cute! How innocent! What a fun memory the two of them have created!

    Oh, and to Aunt Kate :-) I am not virtual either :-) I am Emily and I never have had the pleasure of meeting Kathy in person but I would love to someday. Through her blog . . I have gotten to know her and the rest of the family. I can tell she has a sweet spirit and is definitly someone who I count as a cyber friend :-)

    Emily from SHS

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