I could never live without …

I think it’s time for a poll here at the Duckabush Blog. No, not pool, poll. If it were a little warmer I might be talking about pools, but we’re in the pacific northwest and it’s nearing the end of August, all of which means it will soon be raining, rendering the need for a pool obsolete.

Sigh. Let’s not talk about it. I’m not ready for summer to end. And don’t even get me started about the pathetic summer we’ve had this year.

georgie porgie

This is my new, amazing George Foreman grill that I love and use almost daily. I need to write a complete review soon.

A poll is just the thing to cheer me up. Click on the one kitchen item without which you would be bereft, devastated, or even desolate. I depend heavily on all of these things so it’s going to be hard selecting just one.

bread and veggies

Two faithful kitchen companions. Without them I would have to, gasp, knead bread by hand and actually chop my own veggies.

And then there’s my love of coffee, thoroughly documented in this little post. My children might vote for the coffee maker out of self-preservation. “Keep Mom caffeinated!” is one of their loudest cheers. :)

Project 365 – Day 234

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17 thoughts on “I could never live without …”

  1. Can I add a choice? I cannot do without my Caphalon knives – I love them!!! They are fairly heavy but they cut and slice so easily!!!!

  2. Ok… lots to comment on this time (LOL) and it’s still early so I have a few minutes.

    Coffeemaker – love the smell of coffee in the house, but none of us drink it. Our girls drink coffee, but only if it comes from City Brew (LOL). So, both sets of grandparents bring their own thermos of coffee when they come to our house (LOL).

    Kitchen Aid is only used a couple of times a year for making cheese cake in mass quantity. I use the hand mixer if I’m only making a couple.

    I only use our GF grill when it’s too cold to BBQ outside because I don’t like cleaning it. I’ve heard that you can remove the griddle part on the new ones for easier cleaning. Is that true? If so, I may purchase a new one and see if I like it any better.

    I don’t even own a toaster oven..

    Food Processor is only used for a couple of days in the fall EVERY OTHER YEAR when I make hamburger relish which I’m about to do this weekend.

    I have a blender that the kids will sometimes use to make a smoothie or Orange Julius and I have a smoothie maker in our camper which I have never taken out of the box, but I think dh may have used it a few times im the camper.

    Oh.. and my dds would rather cut up veggies than have to clean any veggie cutting devices (LOL)…


  3. Oh….. and just out of curiosity why did you post this under “silliness” and not under daily life? I can see I have way to little energy to get up and do anything noticeably productive so I’m thinking I should go back to bed (LOL)!

  4. I wouldn’t want to knead by hand all the time, either! I’d have a hard time without the microwave, too. Don’t have a George Forman. What’s so good about it? Maybe because we’re not meat-eaters, we don’t know? I have friends who love theirs.

  5. No doubt about it. I could never, ever live without my Kitchenaid mixer and my food processor. What would I do? Mix and chop all that stuff by hand?? No way!

  6. How embarrassing…..I only use the Bunn coffeemaker out of all those things, but I really use that daily. If you had added microwave….now I would have voted that as #1.

  7. Kathy, I guess I’m not much of a kitchen machine person.

    Coffee maker…hubby uses on weekends, I don’t drink coffee.

    Microwave is probably the item we use the most. I like my tea hot, so I heat it several times before I finish it.

    Grill…don’t own one

    Toaster Oven…don’t own one

    Smoothie machine/blender…blender gets used very occasionally for smoothies or shakes.

    Food Processor is used only seasonally for making relish or something like that.

    Kitchen Aide…don’t have one.

    We do have a bread machine that gets used quite often and I have an electric kettle as I am a tea drinker. This gets used several times a day.

    Fun poll.

  8. I could probably LIVE without the coffee maker but it would make living a whole lot more lathargic

  9. I would have named this poll…what do you own for myself that is. :-) I had to vote for the microwave as that was the only one I currently own. My next wish item is the Kitchen Aide!!!! :-)

  10. I voted for the coffeemaker. Of the others, I use some but nothing as regularly as the coffeemaker. Power outages have motivated me to be sure at all times I have ways of making coffee that don’t require electricity (we have a gas stove, so I use a percolater when I must). I really like my coffee!

  11. My vote is for my kitchen aide. I love to bake, so to make things easier and faster, I use this machine all the time!!! The next thing I would vote for is my coffee maker.

  12. Sigh, I too voted for the microwave only because that is the only one I have. Even though my dh loves his coffee, we only have a French Press not a machine. It is enough for him though. The item on the list I would really like though is a blender, smoothie type making machine. I used to have one of those stick/hand blenders in the States, and I loved it. I could make a frozen blueberry and milk smoothie for myself in no time flat! But it remains in Casey’s basement, eagerly awaiting the time when it will be pulled from the obscurity of storage and put to it rightful use once again, fullfilled and fullfilling! :)

  13. Hmmmm…I’ll have to do some adapting as I don’t have the same things you do…but this is a fun poll.

    Of course you KNOW the poll on my blog would be fun if anyone could see what they were voting on! ::snort::

  14. What a cute poll. I changed my vote several times as I read the other responses. How fickle! Ha.

    Malta, microwave IS on the list.

    I finally settled on the toaster oven. We use it often!! For baking potatoes, roasting peanuts, bagels, left over pizza, fries, and of cours TOAST.

    FUN. I do love my food processor tho and use it often. And of course the microwave is in daily use around here. I love my small George Foreman grill and my bigger one that I keep outside in the summer.

    I am spoiled!! My lovely Kitchen Aid mixer gets use, too!

    Aunt Kate

  15. Thanks for stopping by my wfmf post! I can live without any of the appliances listed with the exception of the coffee maker…of course, if the coffee maker is out of whack, the microwave better be working. LOL.

    As for your q’s about the oatmeal, I have been ordering through a co-op, 50 lb bag goes about 3 months in our household. Unfortunately, the store the group buys from is hiking its prices and fees, so it looks like that will be coming to an end…I was getting about .76 per pound. My next best option is probably going to be about .99/lb. at a health food store. Or maybe I’ll just go back to buying 3 large containers a week at Wal-Mart. I’m going to be on the lookout for a good price, that’s for sure!


  16. I chose microwave as you didn’t have a choice for diet coke and that’s what I can’t live without! OK I know it’s supposed to be appliances.

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