A Ferry Ride to Nowhere

Well, that’s not technically true. Okay, it’s not true at all, but I’m tired and slightly punchy so we’ll stick to pictures and leave the dialogue for another day.

which way to the boat?

Let’s just walk on the ferry. There are enough children to carry all the gear, who needs a car.

The ferry ride was, as always, a great treat. Who can resist the cool breezes mingled with the smell of car exhaust. Mmmmm.

Allison, Rachel and Emma

The girls find a table and hunker down.

We had one lone fisherman with us on the day’s journey. He was determined to catch some fish. Alas we spent most of our time at the beach with barely a fish in sight. His mama, however, caught a good piece of grass. She’s very talented.

where's the fish

Eli was poised and ready to bring home dinner but the biggest fish we saw was from the edge of the ferry. Sadly, those persnickety ferry workers wouldn’t let him cast off.

Once we were on the island, the brave and stalwart walked to the lake (a mile or so) while the caffeine deprived and 6 and under set drove, picking up mochas and lattes along the way. They may not have a grocery store on the island, but by golly there’s a coffee stand.

water slide

This playground was one of the big hits of the day. A slide in the middle of the lake – what a great idea.

There was time for reading.

rachel enjoys some garfield reading

And of course, plenty of sand play.

daniel's bucketdavid's bucket

Julia’s little brother, Daniel, treated her to a fancy mud wrap, worthy of any high class spa. It took several dunks in the lake to fully exfoliate and rinse off. I’m sure she will find evidence of this wonderful mud therapy in her hair for days to come.


The older boys spent most of their time throwing each other off a floating dock at the far end of the swimming cove. Timothy managed to snag the boat for a little alone time, no doubt plotting revenge and a sneaky return to the dock.


emma, daniel and allison

Emma, Daniel and Allison chat about life while devouring a bag of pistachios.

And of course, the blog wouldn’t be complete without a picture of the wonderful mothers who made this awesome day happen.

beach babes

Michelle, Nancy, Kirsten and Kathy – looking sun kissed after a day at the lake.

A lovely day of warm sunshine, cold water, plenty of food, laughter, and good conversation. Let’s do it again!!

Project 365 – Day 241

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10 thoughts on “A Ferry Ride to Nowhere”

  1. Look at the sun on those cheeks! By golly, is it summer over there or what?! What island? What lake? Are you guys starting up your school year any time soon, or just lounging about at lakes and in tents forever?! (Am I jealous or something?!) 48 degrees here this morning… 46 yesterday… I made a fire in the fireplace yesterday!

  2. Looks great! I haven’t had enough of those days this summer. Mainly because summer got cancelled here. Still hoping for a little sun…

  3. What a glorious day it was, yesterday. I missed you around the house, though — it was way too quiet.

    Beautiful pictures! In the chill of the early morning, with an overly-air-conditioned office, I feel warmer just looking at them!

  4. Liz, we have had some very nippy mornings too, but our days have been wonderful…sunny and nice. It is heating up a bit today and I’m sure the kids will want their pool time.

    Kathy, what a wonderful day. I envy you your circle of friends, what fun you all seem to have!

  5. Liz – I’m trying hard not to complain about the fact that our summer seems to arrived just as August is ending. Argh!! School and all the accompanying activities begin in just a week. It’s hard to think about that when we’re FINALLY getting some pretty, warm days. Ah well, such is life.

    I’m so sorry you’re having cold weather!

    Dorothy – summer should NOT have been cancelled. That would make me so sad. Do you ever get a warm, indian summer in August or September?? I’m trying to soak up every bit of sunshine we’re getting this week. Tuesday we went to the pool. I guess that’s what we get for not living in the south. :)

  6. That looks like SO MUCH fun. Our family LOVES water activities, but we don’t have a lot of water here. It’s a 2 hour drive to any lake of appreciabale size. We didn’t even get our boat out 1x this year because dh just couldn’t take any days off from work this summer… ugh… maybe next year. Now you know why we have to get our FL fix each winter… there’s no time for playing or fun here in the summer and it’s too cold to do outdoor water activities in the winter when dh can get some days off.

  7. Okay, did you take the ferry from Southworth? My bil/sil live literally right down the street on the main road. You’re killing me here with your ferry and Washington photos! This is the same time of year that we visited my mom on San Juan Island each of the last two summers–and my mom is hosting the cousins bbq next weekend–without us, waaaahhhhh! (And *I* am one of the cousins–the others are siblings, so I don’t know how they can “cousin” without me!)

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