Birthday Surprises & Babysitters

It turns out the way to REALLY surprise someone on their 40th birthday is to throw them a party four months ahead of time. Who would suspect anything??

happy b-day nancy

A Happy Birthday sign covered the entire drive way.

Nancy, my wonderful friend who cheerfully allows me to invite myself to her lake home, has a January birthday. January is a fine month for birthdays. There are many famous people born in January including Paul Revere, J.R.R. Tolkien, Elvis, and Cary Grant. It is, however, a difficult time to throw a beach party. When you invite people to a lake affair in January only a few hardy souls (ice swimming anyone?) show up. It can be very discouraging. This is difficult for someone who is a summer/lake girl at heart. Sure you can have people over to visit and even throw a little gathering here or there, but it’s not your birthday party.

family shot

The surprised birthday girl and her family.

Enter Dave, Nancy husband, undeterred by the date and determined to throw the birthday (okay, future birthday) girl a grand, 40th surprise party. The gala she has always wanted — a summer gathering where it’s warm and sunny, where you can sit out on the dock or beach and swim. Dave, along with several friends and helpful family members, planned and orchestrated an amazing party. Invitations were sent out, decorations beautifully placed around the lake front, and a special gift purchased. Nancy was completely and totally surprised (after all, who suspects a surprise birthday party FOUR MONTHS before the actual date?).

What a kind husband to take the desire of his wife’s heart and labor to make it a reality.

Happy (almost) 40th, Nancy!!

hannah, rachel and bethany

These gorgeous girls have nothing to do with the birthday party but they deserve a place in today’s blog. Every week they care for the littlest members of our home fellowship group. They play games, entertain and comfort the younger children so the grown ups can study, learn and share in relative peace and quiet. It’s a HUGE gift and they do it for only a small pittance. Thanks girls!!

Project 365 – Day 245

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6 thoughts on “Birthday Surprises & Babysitters”

  1. Poor Dave had to sell his soul to keep the surprise, resorting to clandestine meetings at Lowe’s and at one point losing 90 minutes of work (he couldn’t get a revealing e-mail off the screen and Nancy was coming down the stairs, so he turned off the computer).

    I think he really pushed the envelope, though, when he let all the air out of one of her tires so she couldn’t drive by herself to church, forcing her to depend on her sister (who was in on the secret) for a ride.

    Happy early birthday, Nancy, and thank you for befriending my Kathy!

  2. You really have to know your spouse well in throwing them a big surprise party. Do they like parties? Do they like surprises? How about being the center of attention? Nancy handled the entire thing extremely graciously. It could have completely botched on her reaction alone.

  3. I’m so happy you have dear friends like Katherine, Nancy. You are blessed- Nancy, to know my wonderful Niece.

    I love you, Katherine. What a fun party. AK

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