Rock Stars Siblings

The stomach bug continues to wind its unpleasant fingers through the family. It seems to be a long, tiring but mild illness. Tim and Joshua have ceased to complain of stomach cramps and pains but Rachel is taking longer to recover. She spends most of her evenings lying on the couch. I’m ready to have my Punk Rock Star back with us.

yo, dude!

‘Cause you never know when you need someone around with ATTITUDE!

Rachel holds a very special place in David’s heart. When she is sad, it troubles him deeply. He misses her when she is off with friends and is very concerned for her well-being. On Sunday Rachel and I stayed home from church. When Tim and the other children returned, David tore through the house looking for Rachel. He wasn’t content until he had hugged her and checked on how she was doing.

sing it girl!

After all, she taught him that steely eyed, COOL look. Give Rachel a brush, and boy can she belt out the tunes.

I mean, parents are nice and all that, they do feed you and occasionally wash your laundry, but when it comes to the essentials in life, you really need your siblings.

rachel and david

Sarah was the photographer of the day. Here she captures some sibling love.

Whenever I feel guilty about how fractured my time is and how I’m probably not spending enough quality time with each individual child, I catch a glimpse of them playing, building, creating, fighting, growing and laughing together. I go from guilt to contentment in a matter of minutes, thanking the Lord with all my heart that they have each other.

Tim is famous for saying, “This is the BEST family in the world!” I might be biased, but I have to agree with him.


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10 thoughts on “Rock Stars Siblings”

  1. What a precious blog today. I love the pics of David and Rachel together. I’ve seen their special love and it was wonderful. How blessed you are to have given siblings to your kiddos. The girls have a sis and the boys a bro. WOW.

    Please get well soon. I love you EACH. Aunt Kate

  2. I love your quote about watching your kids playing and building and laughing and fighting and growing together. That is such a great point and a great perspective check. Thank you for that!

  3. Sorry to hear you are dealing with illness. Will pray.

    Yes, I take great comfort in all the wonderful sibling relationships that develope in a large family – and unfortunately, I’ve found the older ones grow and leave home and then *I* have more time with the younger ones….so all in all I’m getting time with all of them….and now I don’t worry about it quite so much as I’ve watched the cycle a few times. LOL

  4. They look like they are having a great time together, even with the illness. It is great to see them forging those lifelong bonds. Good to know they have learned to value each other as well as their wonderful parents.

  5. Sorry to hear you’re still dealing with the flu bug at your house.. yikes.. this has been a long week for you!

  6. They’ve got it down, no question about that. What they really need is some sunglasses and a flashy red convertible.

    So, isn’t the idea of Project 365 to have a picture for every single day? It seems you’re starting to slip, unless you’re putting pictures from different days into the same blog! Gasp!

  7. Kathy, I totally agree. While my dd had me for a playmate, my younger ds didn’t. But he had her. It’s a tradeoff, and all the possibilities are GOOD, just different.

  8. Tim – I know you probably will never end up back here to see this little comment, but I did have to address your Project 365 remarks.

    I committed to taking a picture every day for the year. I did NOT vow to blog that picture daily. So, if you came and poked around in my files you would find at least one picture for every single day of this past year. Yikes! That’s a LOT of pictures. I’ve only blogged about 245 of them.

    What will I do next year? I can’t decide. :)

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