Now I Know Why Models Never Smile

They’re exhausted. It’s hard work being beautiful. Really, do you ever see professional models smiling? I think the more money they’re paid, the less they smile. Being haughty and angry is terribly chic these days.

I wonder if they have servants (or mothers) to pick up their clothes after a photo shoot.

sarah's outfit

I also wonder where Sarah put the other shoe.

Do fashion models wash their own dirty clothes? Maybe that’s why they’re always grimacing in those magazine ads. Too much laundry and too little time between the parties.

david's FULL basket

At least David’s clothes ended up in a laundry basket.

A good stylist is critical to the success of a celebrity.

sarah's working the hair

Of course, until any of these kids actually BECOME celebrities, they are stuck with Mom as hair dresser, stylist, make-up artist, and assistant.

david gets a trim

daniel's trim

David and Daniel are some of my best customers. Okay, they don’t pay and they fuss a good part of the time, but then they don’t have a choice on how their hair is cut so I figure it all comes out even in the end.

Thank you for all your support and advice regarding our family portraits. It’s faithful readers like yourself that keep me blogging day after day. :) Well, that and the coffee. Okay, it’s pretty much the coffee.

I’ll be sure to share a picture or two (or 30 or 100) from our amazing photo shoot when I get the cd. The photographer was wonderful! I even managed to impress her with talk of the blog and the staggering number of pictures we’ve taken so far this year.

Although, now that I think about it, she might not have been ‘impressed.’ Hmmmm. That’s all right, Sarah was there to defend the blog.

back off!

Project 365 – Days 331 & 332 (and counting)

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4 thoughts on “Now I Know Why Models Never Smile”

  1. Can’t wait to hear the color scheme and see some non-smiling models.

    You write SO well, dear Katherine. I love you period. AK

  2. It was quite a day. I played the ‘must go back to work’ card, and so missed out on about half of the photo shoot, but even that was grueling. (Interesting that the root word of ‘grueling’ seems to be ‘gruel’ — how did we get from tasteless, watery-thin porridge to difficult and arduous? Apparently in the 1850′s, the word gruel was a synonym for punishment. This makes it all clear.)

    I set a good example to all the children by remaining cheerful and patiently posing and smiling without complaint. Oh, wait, no, I didn’t. I was the one whining and scowling. I felt an obligation to remain in character for all those childhood photos — I was such a joy to my parents, I’m sure. :)

    Not wanting to steal Kathy’s thunder, but we chose (or rather, it was chosen for us by Kathy) a brown on brown theme, with brown highlights. OK, maybe there was some cream involved. I guess it all comes back to gruel, which is also brown.

  3. your project is almost over! wow. Whatever will you do?

    and picking up kid clothes gets so annoying, but it doesn’t compare to SHOES. Aren’t shoes the most annoying things? they’re always plopped everywhere BUT where they’re supposed to be.

    shoes. And I really like shoes too!

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