Even Night Owls Should Watch the Caffeine

It’s cold and wet here in western Washington. Not only is it raining, did I mention it’s cold and wet, but it’s also dark by 4:30 pm. This does not suit my night owl nature. I like it in the middle of the summer when the sun is bright and shining until late in the day.

Thankfully I have friends who aren’t daunted by silly things like bedtimes and schedules. Oh no, these girls know how to live. All of which means last night I was ordering coffee at Starbucks at 9 pm and heading off for a 10 pm move. Yes, a 10 pm movie! On a school night!

The heady night life of a homeschooling mom.

A few notes to self:

  1. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT drink Starbucks regular coffee at 9 pm. Even ordering it 1/3 regular, 2/3rds decaf is too much. As a night owl you will NOT fall asleep in the middle of a movie. You do NOT need caffeine to stay awake. The caffeine, however, will insure you do NOT fall asleep. For hours.
  2. Do NOT leave the computer turned on with email loaded and waiting your arrival home. The temptation to check blogs, write a few emails, comment on a blog here and there, and then post an entire blog at 3 in the morning is too strong to resist.
  3. Give yourself permission NOT to blog once in a while. Skipping two days in a row, gasp, will NOT cause the world to stop spinning. Think of it as a kindness to your beleaguered readers.
  4. Instead of playing on the computer, head to the kitchen and make your beloved’s lunch. Do NOT wait until AFTER you’ve blogged for hours to BEGIN preparing lunch. This will cause accidental snacking and throw bedtime off by another 20 or 30 minutes.
  5. Do NOT turn on a movie while you are making said husband’s lunch. This will further the unconscious snacking, awaken sleepy brain cells, and ruin any chances of a solid 5 hours of sleep.

There are no pictures of the late night movie outing or of today’s sleepy homeschool teacher. There are times when even I know to leave the camera turned off (to protect the guilty).

On a complete and totally different note (that’s what happens when I don’t sleep – no attention span whatsoever), here are two online savings we used this week:


Code – 251451AH
10% off purchase of $35 or more. Expires 12/16/2007. Offer good online or by phone.

$10 off if you open a Google checkout account.

I bought a $10 USB key (complete with free shipping), opened a Google account (basically just required an email address) and received the memory stick free in the mail three days later.

Kathy — offer to get some sleep :)

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5 thoughts on “Even Night Owls Should Watch the Caffeine”

  1. Nice. I’ve had sleepless nights lately too. Monday night I couldn’t fall asleep until really late which is quite unusual for me. Tuesday night I decided to drink a pop around 8pm to help with writing a paper…and couldn’t sleep again. I should have realized that I might have trouble the next night, but I didn’t. Wednesday night I finished the paper so I stayed up late fueled by my new found freedom. None of this hit me until Thursday evening…my first “free” evening that I had planned on goofing off and working of Christmas cards. I guess poor sleep eventually catches up with you!

  2. Sweet sweet Katherine. I love you. I wish I could give you 8 hrs. of sleep to slip into your night somewhere without losing the beloved nite hours you crave.

    How about that for an idea. Here comes 2am and time stops. Katherine gets to sleep 8 hours and the whoosh!! it’s 3am and on to regular wake up time about 6-7am.

    I love it. Could we write a book about this? Sort of like Narnia- where the time hasn’t changed at home.

    I love you. Aunt Kate(then we’d still get pictures)

  3. I’m all over the night owl thing. But caffeine doesn’t do a thing to me, so I can take a sip of Diet Mt. dew at midnight and go right to sleep. :) it’s a gift. haha

    and kudos to your free $10 item. That’s my kindof shopping.

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