I Can Write My Name

Well, almost.

sarah and the gel paint
Sarah tries out her new Gel Paint.

Project 365 is coming to an end. Wednesday is Day 339. It’s been a long year of many pictures. No wonder I’m having trouble writing our family Christmas newsletter, I’ve already said everything on the blog.

I never thought I could really take a picture every day for an entire year. I guess I should have been more worried about taking only a SINGLE photo each day. :) Maybe the second edition of Project 365 should be: Take a meaningful picture every day. Hmmm.

What do you think?

  • Another round of Project 365 – don’t make it specific, just capture one image each day
  • Scrap the whole thing. Enough is enough, how many pictures of cute kids do we really need?
  • Change the whole focus – give each day a theme.
  • Less rambling/babbling on the blog, more pictures.

Other thoughts…


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12 thoughts on “I Can Write My Name”

  1. Hymmm. How to even imagine changing your wonderful blog. I DO love the pictures, but I DO love the print, too.

    I’s say- don’t stop, please. But do tweak it to keep YOUR interest going. And we- your faithful readers- will follow along happily.

    I love you each. AK

  2. I like the Christmas-izing of the blog. I like the idea of focusing on taking one meaningful picture each day, as long as that doesn’t add stress to the already large project. I think if you give each day a theme it could be forced.

  3. Well, considering I only managed to do maybe HALF of the days this year – sad isn’t it – I’m all for another round. As for the focus, I think it’s just wonderful that it gets us thinking that we need to capture moments. :-) I know there were actually days I did not take photos, but then again, there were days I took a lot. I averaged out I’m sure. Although, no where NEAR some of the 365 bloggers….who will remain nameless… ::big grin!!::

  4. You know the saying…”If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”
    I have loved your blog exactly like it is. Please don’t skip the pictures…lots of them. Oh my…..I hadn’t thought about the blog might end. Lots of work, but very enjoyable, helpful, and a great journal for the children to read years from now.
    A loyal reader……Malta

  5. Your blog has a nice element of order and regular features mixed in with some randomness, so that it isn’t boring. I like the idea of only one picture a day, personally, as it sounds like it would be a challenge. Choosing one picture a day would really be a neat way to look at your world. I really like your regular features, WFMW and Tips for Parenting and so on, and I would miss those.

    Maybe I will try to do the one picture a day thing, if I can be so bold as to plagiarize your idea and if David can teach me how to work the gadgets.

  6. I think a good approach would be to look at it as two blogs, peacefully co-existing in the same space:

    Project 365 blog — post only one picture with a short caption or paragraph, every day, rain or shine.

    Life blog — post weekly features (Works for Me Wednesday, Tuesday Parenting Tips) and other articles (with as many pictures as desired) whenever they are ready.

    I think this might help to (a) reduce some of the everyday stress — I know sometimes you struggle with having something to write about, and (b) improve the quality of some of the articles (since they can wait for refinement without having to be posted in such a hurry).

    Just my $0.02.

  7. Oops, I hit the ‘submit comment’ button, I was also going to suggest that Tim take one day a week. By the by, we did vote for your blog, but we were only able to do it once, when trying to vote from additional computers, it only showed the total number of votes.

  8. Hmm…I only made about 2/3 of the days. I tried, but it was tougher toward the end.

    I had a seperate blog for the 365, so coming up with a 365 picture and regular stuff, was something more difficult.

    I did enjoy actually thinking about taking a nice photo everyday and for me, the focus was on the photo.

    I might try again, although I think mine might get repetitive…my life isn’t that exciting!

  9. I think Tim’s approach makes a lot of sense. I really liked having a separate Project 365 blog where I felt no pressure to write anything other than a title.

    I have to say–you’ve done a fabulous job. I have managed a picture a day, never missed, never used a picture I didn’t take, but I don’t think I could do a “meaningful” picture every day! I’ve decided not to do it again, mostly because I don’t enjoy the panic at the end of the day when I realize I have not taken a picture and I end up taking something lame (baked chicken!) just to take a picture. But yours have been terrific!

  10. I’m going to continue my blog. I’m not sure if I’ll actually take a picture a day. As you said, sometimes my life is just boring! But I’m so glad I took pix of things I probably never would have even thought to before. I was surprized how many of our family and friends back home read it regularly and I hear about it if I don’t post. Lol! I think yours is perfect – just the right amount of pix and writing.

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