I Hate Saying Goodbye

Not exactly true. I don’t mind bidding farewell to dreary, cold winters, obnoxious drivers, and bad hair days.

sarah swims

david, grandad and sarah

Sarah has decided she loves the water. Nothing like a pair of purple goggles to brighten up pool time.

But saying good bye to beloved family members, who live TOO FAR AWAY, is quite at the bottom of my list.

group hug!
Who needs a hug? Me!

We had a wonderful visit with my parents. It was much too short, as it always is. We got caught up on all sorts of conversations and even fit in a movie (amidst the swimming).

It seems life has already jumped back into its hectic pace. We have company coming for dinner Friday night, a birthday party Rachel is attending on Saturday and another party for David and Daniel on Sunday. Throw in a few errands for good measure and you have a full weekend.

don't take my picture!
Joshua can’t bear to think about the good byes.

Never a dull moment.

Plenty of messy ones but never dull.

I think I would actually welcome dull.

Surely it comes with a hot cup of tea and a nice nap.

tea and a nap?

We know how to fill up a hotel lobby. Don’t run us out of town!

Thank you for the lovely visit, Mom and Dad!! Thank you for coming with us to co-op, traveling out to the Duckabush, meeting our friends, treating us to dinner (s) out, and working on many home projects.

We miss you already!!


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7 thoughts on “I Hate Saying Goodbye”

  1. Good byes ARE hard, and no fun.
    One day, when we are in heaven with Christ and His redeemed, we will never have to say goodbye again. That will be heavenly.
    Such fun pictures of you and the kids enjoying a grandparent visit. We can see from all your faces how much you love each other.
    Sending you a hug and permission for a nap! :)
    Miss you my friend.

  2. I love how Joshua has the whole “avoid-the-paparazzi” arms over his face. He’s starting to look a bit haunted though. ;-)


  3. Sweet blog, and thanks for the Cindy picture!! I know you miss your parents- it’s always fun when ya’ll are together.

    I love you. Aunt Kate

  4. It’s always tough to say goodbye to family… somehow the prospect of the next visit isn’t enough to take the sting out of their leaving.

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