Interview Time

This evening we were delighted to have a friend join us for dinner.

Thankfully there was FULL journalist coverage.

How many reporters and photographers does it take to qualify as The Paparazzi?

daniel interviews carl

Daniel is taking a writing class at our homeschool co-op. This week’s assignment is to interview someone and begin writing a biographical essay. Go Dan!

Of course, if Tim were posting this blog he would include blow by blow descriptions of the game we played after our yummy dinner and bore you with details of his stunning victory.

He’s not here, however, so no one needs to know that I came in LAST place in Ticket to Ride.

Last Place! Did I just say that aloud?

daniel takes notes

Did I mention our meal was delicious? We had Tuscan marinated chicken breasts, sweet potatoes, baked potatoes, steamed veggies, roasted asparagus with garlic and sweet onions, homemade rolls, sliced oranges, and a huge salad. Surely that’s worth something in the grand scheme of things.

Yes sir, it’s a good thing I’m writing this and not Tim. He tends to brag. He’s even occasionally been known to swagger and bluster. It’s not pretty people.

Especially not from last place.

Some Loser in WA

Project 366 – Day 53

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9 thoughts on “Interview Time”

  1. Your dinner sounds wonderful! You get points for that if not for winning. Can you consider youfself not “last place’ but most enthusiastic loser? It at least sounds better. :)

    Glad you had a fun evening with Carl!

  2. What a dinner!! I might swagger too if I ever made such a feast. SWEET onions… oh the days gone by when we could get such things. A shame you can’t mail some to us.

  3. Sweet blog, Katherine. Your kids are learning so many many things. I love it!

    Glad you are seeing the sun. It’s bright and gorgeous here this morning. I love you, Aunt Kate

  4. The chicken was good. Good enough to make up for such a loss (fifth out of five players)? You be the judge, if Kathy ever shares the recipe.

    One of the interesting things about Ticket to Ride is that you don’t really know if you’re winning until pretty close to the end. For people like Kathy, (did I mention that she came in last?) this means that you have the false illusion of hope, until it is brutally snatched from your grasp.

    Ah, well. The Mesa Manna rolls were good, the vegetables were, well, vegetables, and Carl even seemed to enjoy the asparagus, so I guess Kathy can take some satisfaction from the evening.

    Tune in soon for a blow-by-blow description of the masterful strategies that contributed to my landslide victory (five points ahead of the nearest competitor).

  5. I’m so sorry to hear of your defeat, dear Kathy.

    Will you please share your roasted asparagus recipe? Maybe it would help to take your mind off your woes. I have a bunch of asparagus to use this week.

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