Snowy Pictures

Although our neighborhood is green and slightly muddy, there was definitely some snow out on the property where we went to celebrate Grandpa’s birthday. Nothing like a little snow to bring out the kid in, uh, the kids.

That’s just brilliant. It’s obviously past my bedtime.

David and Daniel did some sledding on the deck while Sarah watched from inside. Who needs a hill when you can sled on the porch?

sarah watchesdavid's ready to throw!daniel's gonna sleddavid too

I managed to stay inside, cozy on the couch, and visit with Tim’s mom. She prepared a delicious birthday dinner for us – pork roast with vegetables, twice baked potatoes, green salad with avocados and hard boiled eggs, acorn squash, and rolls.

How does she make it all look so effortless?

Eventually the screams of the children drew me outside, with my camera of course. Because if there’s going to be a traumatic accident involving little kids and a not-so-frozen-pond, I want to catch it on film.

let's crack the iceand fall in

The screams turned out to be cries of joy. Daniel and Rachel had discovered a new game called Break the Ice. They would walk across the frozen pond, find a weak spot in the ice, smash it with their boots, and then laugh uproariously as they crashed down into the cold water.

Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Thinking back to my warm, cozy spot on the couch, I couldn’t quite understand the charm of the game. I did, however, manage to sneak in a few pictures. Sarah and David stayed on the edges and watched.

sarah watches

Later the big kids played a long game of Guesstures. Joshua had a CIT (counselors in training) meeting in the afternoon so he was busy until dinner. We brought three friends from “the big city” with us to join the collection of counselors. Grandma and Grandpa were gracious to include some extra teenagers in the birthday celebrations.

joshua takes a turn

taking a break from the game

There was a delicious cake for dessert.

acupuncture and cake

Nothing like a little Pick Up Stix acupuncture to go with Black Forest cake.

It was a whirlwind visit – yummy food, games, snowball fights, laughter, and birthday wishes.


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Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

Today we celebrated Tim’s father’s birthday. What a precious gift it is to have such a godly man as my father-in-law and the grandfather of my children.

Happy Birthday, Dad!!

happy birthday!

More pictures tomorrow – I took a few while we were enjoying our day.

Okay, more than a few, something close to 300. What can I say, I spent the afternoon playing with my camera. I’ve lost my user’s guide and am a frustrated novice, randomly shooting pictures and pushing buttons on the camera. :)

Project 366 – Day 34

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Lost that Bloggin’ Feeling

This has been a great day!

Why, then, do I feel sort of depressed and vaguely discouraged? How can I be downcast? I didn’t blog last night and I nearly skipped it again today.

Gasp! What is wrong?

I got a decent night’s sleep, woke up fairly refreshed and started right in on my day. I used my wonderful white board and made a HUGE Mama’s To Do’s. It was rather impressive and grouped into three categories:

Yeah, Right, I’m dreaming!

I had 12 things on my Priority list.

I completed every single one of them. The last one I did at 11 pm. I was bound and determined to cross it off. So it was to put away the children’s Christmas ornaments, don’t judge me! I’m doing the best I can.

The Maybe list had 7 items on it. Two of which technically should have been moved over to priority.

I did NONE of them.

Nothing, zip, zero.

Don’t even get me started on the last category.

Maybe that’s why I’m feeling a bit blue. It seems like there is so much to do but not quite enough time. As I was working in one of the children’s bedrooms, I happened to see a nice mess in two other rooms (one of which was mine). I am out of some key grocery items. I am tired and need sleep. I have two big organizational projects that need my attention but didn’t make it to the Priority list. I have some major planning I need to begin for our spring Women’s Retreat.


This is NOT helping. I need to focus on the positives and stop dwelling on the negatives. Okay, here’s just a few of the wonderful things I managed to squeeze into my day:

- I did my Bible study lesson
- I fixed a delicious French toast breakfast for my family
- I took Joshua to the Y to to see a gymnastics tournament
- I met a friend and got in an HOUR work out on the elliptical machines
- I made good choices with my eating all day
- I made Tim a healthy lunch
- I worked for over an hour in Rachel/Sarah’s room, organizing and sorting their mess
- I sent a card to a friend who had her baby yesterday
- I watched a comedy show with my family and laughed and laughed
- I hugged my kids
- I made the younger children laugh uproariously by chasing Joshua around the house (we mothers will do anything for a kiss)
- I cut Daniel’s hair
- I washed clothes, fixed meals, and swept floor
- I read my book
- I worked on finances and the budget
- I hugged my husband (twice)

Now, in a move that shows I am wise even if I am a bit melancholy, I will end this blog and get to bed before too late. I will NOT list all of the things I failed to accomplish today. I will NOT spend another hour trying to find the perfect pictures to accompany this post or 20 minutes editing. I will NOT spend another 30 minutes reading some of my favorite blogs and catching up on email.

I WILL rejoice because this is the day the Lord has made. I will be glad in it and eager to enjoy tomorrow.

I WILL feel loved and cared for by friends who are praying for me.

Because, really, blogging is a CHOICE and not a FEELING. :)


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