Pudding Parfaits by Daniel

My mom is making me blog. She does the typing, I do the talking.

wanna bite?

Last night, Mom and Dad had a Date Night. That basically means the kids go off in the garage to eat, watch movies or play games while the grownups stay in the house, have a nice dinner and talk.

We had pizza, curly fries and broccoli. Joshua and Rachel made a delicious pudding parfait for the kids’ dessert. They layered vanilla pudding, Cool Whip, graham cracker crumbs, chocolate pudding, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, and more Cool Whip.


It was wonderful!

Feel free to have another Date Night soon, Mom and Dad.

Project 366 – Day 78

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7 thoughts on “Pudding Parfaits by Daniel”

  1. Daniel,
    It doesn’t look like you saved any for me! I love chocolate pudding AND Reese PB cups. Did you eat it all?
    Maybe next time I can get one. Do I have to talk to Rachel and Joshua?
    What movie did you watch? Or did you play a game instead. Good thing your garage is full of fun things to do when Mom and Dad are having Date Night. Sounds like a good idea for us to try. Oops, no garage! :)
    Mrs Burt.

  2. I want one of those pudding things. Looks yummy.

    Good job of blogging, dear Daniel!

    I love you, Aunt Kate

  3. What a great idea to have date night while everyone’s still under the same roof. In just a few years our kids will be old enough for us to try this, too! Thanks for the constant wonderful parenting advice!

    And Daniel… great job on the blog. Is this part of a writing assignment for school?

  4. Daniel, next time your mom and dad need a date night, you are welcome to come visit me. I promise that I’m cool enough to hang out with. I love to play Sequence and Skip-Bo.

    PS. Please bring extra parfaits with you when you come!

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